It’s not the food …

It’s the emotional eating and the cravings.

With the Skinny Genes program, you gain a new understanding of

why you’re eating when you know you shouldn’t.

Learn how to cope with your cravings

and start putting new strategies in place …

Extra weight will start to come off and you’ll keep it off.




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“This is amazing. Just one night of tapping, watching the videos and listening to the audio and I have made
more progress than years of counseling. Thank you Dawson and Brittany for sharing this wonderful series.”– Sandra





  • Thank you so much for this awesome video! I have used tapping a bit in the past but have forgotten about it so it's great to see it and use it again. Thank you!

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  • Very powerful. EFT helps with so many things!

  • Thanks for the free video! I found this worked fantastically for my chocolate craving, yet my problem is eating out of boredom or simply because food is there, so im not sure how to drill down on that memory and this feelings, hmmm!

  • Love this!

  • Hi,
    I couldn’t relate as much to the video because my craving is for eating too much of anything, not one particular food. And I couldn’t come up with a memory where ‘pigging out’ was positive with family or anyone. I just came up with the vision of only being allowed 2 cookies for instance and really wanting lots more. So deprivation is what I remember even though we had plenty of food when I was growing up. And of course, when I hit puberty, I always felt guilt when eating too much. Still do…anyway I think I will have to change what I say while tapping. I’m still glad I watched the video. Weight/food is such a big issue.

    • Lisa, Skinny Genes is how I got started losing weight but I admit that I was using EFT for 2 years prior for all sorts of issues in general. Do not let what to say overwhelm you. Break it down and start from the tree tops. For instance you mentioned for you eating too much of everything is an issue so at first you would tap on exactly that. ‘Even though I just seem to eat too much of everything I love and accept myself ‘…feel free to email me for tips on how to break it down and how to state YOUR truth to take it further.
      Regards, JF

  • Hello,
    I am sitting here in front a a bag of Tostitos, they are my vice.

    I have to say after going through the complete video I wasn’t able to get down past a 3-4 however, I didn’t have the emotional rush when smelling them at the end. I actually started to smell the oil and the artificialness of them, very interesting.

    Thank you.

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