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“This is amazing. Just one night of tapping, watching the videos and listening to the audio and I have made more progress than years of counseling. Thank you Dawson and Brittany for sharing this wonderful series.” - Sandra


  • Thank you so much for this awesome video! I have used tapping a bit in the past but have forgotten about it so it's great to see it and use it again. Thank you!

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  • Very powerful. EFT helps with so many things!

  • Thanks for the free video! I found this worked fantastically for my chocolate craving, yet my problem is eating out of boredom or simply because food is there, so im not sure how to drill down on that memory and this feelings, hmmm!

  • Love this!

  • Hi,
    I couldn’t relate as much to the video because my craving is for eating too much of anything, not one particular food. And I couldn’t come up with a memory where ‘pigging out’ was positive with family or anyone. I just came up with the vision of only being allowed 2 cookies for instance and really wanting lots more. So deprivation is what I remember even though we had plenty of food when I was growing up. And of course, when I hit puberty, I always felt guilt when eating too much. Still do…anyway I think I will have to change what I say while tapping. I’m still glad I watched the video. Weight/food is such a big issue.

    • Lisa, Skinny Genes is how I got started losing weight but I admit that I was using EFT for 2 years prior for all sorts of issues in general. Do not let what to say overwhelm you. Break it down and start from the tree tops. For instance you mentioned for you eating too much of everything is an issue so at first you would tap on exactly that. ‘Even though I just seem to eat too much of everything I love and accept myself ‘…feel free to email me for tips on how to break it down and how to state YOUR truth to take it further.
      Regards, JF

  • Hello,
    I am sitting here in front a a bag of Tostitos, they are my vice.
    I have to say after going through the complete video I wasn’t able to get down past a 3-4 however, I didn’t have the emotional rush when smelling them at the end. I actually started to smell the oil and the artificialness of them, very interesting.

  • Hi wow talk about timing , Im feeling a bit under the weather tonite and sat down to spend some time on my computer and went and grabbed some choclate covered craisans and was thouroughly enjoying them but said why am I doing this to myself I want to loose weight. I found you in my email and decided to try the tapping for chocolate , I got down to a zero and put the rest of the chocolate in the bag and said I dont need this and actually felt a bit naucious. wow thank you so much that was a gift !! I will continue to tap on various things using this , your the best!!! thanks so much melody

  • HI Juliette. Thanks so much for reaching out to Nancy! You are SO right about how to tap :). I hope you can join us on the live monthly coaching call this Thursday, Nov 21st. Karen Donaldson, EFT Certified Weight Loss Coach and Naturally Thin You instructor

  • Just did this on cookies that I eat at night (even if these cookies are not my favorite). I remembered a time when I used to have dessert with my brothers. We always laughed and loved this time together. That was a surprise. I am craving that time with my brothers. My craving went from 8 to 3 to 0. Having just joined the 6 week program, I look forward to continuing on this path. Thanks.

    • Hi Pat, Most of our cravings and compulsions are the result of childhood experiences. When you tap on those, and they go down to 0 or a low number, the cravings often go away. So you’re on the right track and we’ll do lots more tapping on other events during the next six weeks! Dawson

  • Well, tried it again with the chocolate in front of me. The last one didn’t last. This one didn’t reduce my cravings NOW with the food here. I can still smell that chocolate and peanut butter (You should try this, Whittakers chocolate and peanut butter bar=awesome). However I did find a lot of links between things that I’m conflicted about: chocolate, cake and cookies, fat, TV, books, reading late at night, and money (my spending patterns are very bingy)–all of these were things my mother tried to control in me, and that she also gave as treats occasionally. Eating is treating myself–and it’s proving Mom can’t control me anymore. So there is an internal conflict and deep resistance to giving up any of these things. Mom is dead not so the conflict is all really just inside myself. But it’s still there. How do I tap for this?

    • Nancy, have you watched videos for eft? Tapping about a specific incident where your mother was trying to control you will help. Tap on each aspect of the incident and then see if more happenings come up in your mind. You can then tap on those.

  • Carmen Hunter I sent you a message :)

  • Hi Karen,
    I've tried signing up for the webinar today but the link is down. would love to get involved! I"m ready!!!

  • Hi Lirrah Duke. Karen Donaldson, guest coach, just checking in with you. How is the tapping going? There is another coaching call coming up next week if you are available to participate. Also, we're starting a new 16-week live teleclass in a few weeks that really works on the core issues. Please let me know if there's anything you need help with. :)

  • Hi Marcia. I just read your post and thought I would check in a see how things are going for you :). Shirlee is right – EFT works on everything so just keep tapping! Let us know if you need any help. There is another coaching call coming up next week and a new 16-week program starting soon. Watch for details from P.S. I will be leading the coaching call, so if you want to volunteer to tap just let me know.

  • Just use my first name please.
    Thank you Chughes for your comments. I was surprised to find that the next day, I didn’t feel a desire for chocolate (but I didn’t have any in the house anyway. However, I felt no desire for it when I went grocery shopping, so maybe it just takes longer for my brain to integrate this. the desire stayed away until this week. I notice when I’m tired I want something sweet and that is usually in later afternoon or evenings. Anyway its come back with a vengeance so I tapped with the video again tonight and with the chocolate and fudge in front of me. Tasting it was fatal. I still want it but am willing to wait and find out how it will be tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to eat it. I’ll see what happens tomorrow. Great comments here. Very useful.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Just checking in to see how the tapping is working for you and your cravings. Also, are you going to be on the call tomorrow night? We could do some tapping together if you would like to!
      Hope all is well,
      Karen Donaldson, guest coach

      • As a holistic nutritionist with training in Chinese Medicine and a tapper for 15 years I often see cravings as a result of an out of balance body. Yes tap for the emotions but if you still crave salt it is a sign you have weak kidney chi and are probably dehydrated. If you crave sugar, your earth element (digestion) needs support. Cravings for fat are endocrine (hormonal) issues along with bitter/burnt taste. People who crave chocolate always have an endocrine imbalance. Eat tons of coconut oil and clarified butter and your hormones will be happy and you will lose weight. Sour is immune system and spicy is respiratory.

        These are all easy to address with a balanced whole food diet and EFT!

  • EFT is amazing. Glad you are in the program!!

  • Cindy – SO many emotions surrounding food… and so glad you are starting to use EFT. You may want to tap on being restricted and having to give things up. If you're going to be on the call on Sept. 10 we could do some tapping together. We're also staring a new 16-week class that really delves into the deeper issues. Stayed tuned for details and good luck – and good tapping! Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Hi Cynthia, YES! EFT if fascinating. And it's great for everything. If you need help, please let us know. You can also volunteer to tap on the coaching call on Sept. 10. And… we will soon be starting a new 16-week teleclass featuring live weekly calls that really get to the deeper issues. Wishing you well. Karen Collins Donaldson

  • Great Paula! That's how EFT works. It's not really about the food, it's about the emotions behind the food. Try it on everything! Also, please join us for the live coaching call on Sept. 10. We'll be sharing info about our new 16-week program featuring live weekly calls that will really delve into the deeper issues. Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Thanks for sharing Sandra. Whenever someone says "I LOVE _____ (a particular food) that's my first clue that there is a powerful connection. EFT can help us remember the feeling without the food. Hoping to see you on the call on Sept. 10 and we're also starting a new 16-week program featuring weekly live coaching calls that will really get to the deeper issues. Stay tuned!! Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Nice job Yvonne! So glad it's working well for you. If you need help with any deeper issues, we are starting a new 16-week class in Sept that features live weekly calls. Join us on the monthly coaching call on Sept. 10 for more details. Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Jenna and Mary Kate – Yes, we often use food to feel good. Carbs can indirectly raise our serotonin levels, which helps our brains feel calm and happy… but tapping can do that too. I like to think of tapping as a serotonin booster without the calories! I hope to see you on the live coaching call on Sept. 10. Also, we are starting a new 16-week class in September featuring live calls each week that really get to the deeper issues. Stay tuned for details. Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Ashley your story really touched my heart. This IS what EFT for weight loss is all about. And the healing that can occur in other areas of our lives is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you on the live coaching call on Sept. 10. Also, we are starting a new 16-week class in September featuring live calls each week that really get to the deeper issues. Stay tuned for details. Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Victoria Ramos – I love your choice of words… allowing this to happen! Keep up the good work. Hope to see you on the live coaching call on Sept. 10. Also, we are starting a new 16-week class in September featuring live calls each week that really get to the deeper issues. Stay tuned for details. Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Mary – So glad the class is helping! Very often after we tap the food we were craving loses its appeal… I had the same experience with potato chips too :). If you find that you "love" a certain food, be sure to tap on that as there is probably an emotional connection. Hoping to see you on the live call on Sept. 10. Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach and Dietitian

  • Hi Kathy. Tapping every day is a GREAT idea. Just keep in mind that the more specific you are, the better. You may need to spend some time writing down your thoughts and emotions about weight, and then tap on those. As you tap, even more issues may come up. Just an FYI, however, it's sometimes challenging to tap on the deeper issues on our because we tend to keep those buried. If you're going to be on the live coaching call (Sept 10) we can talk about this more. Also, Dawson Church and I will be hosting a new 16-week class starting in September that has live calls each week that really gets into the deeper issues. That may give you more ideas to tap on. Hope this helps! Karen Karen Collins Donaldson, Guest Coach.

  • While not a food craving I'm fighting, but rather smoking. Seems appropriate for most any craving / addiction. I'll let you know how I make out. Great Video in any event.

  • Brenda Watts. Toronto, Ontario

  • I have been aware of EFT for a few years now but never thought or imagined to use it for this purpose. Although, now being presented with this use of it it makes perfect sense to relate and release the emotional-body connections to food cravings and diet. Thank you. I am empowered now to release myself from the sometimes uncontrollable actions of binge eating. YAY!!!

  • Hi! I am sharing this with a few people who don't know anything about Tapping (or believe it). I know about it and so believe it works (don't know why I believe it so strongly but I just do) but struggle to actually do it… Especially for finances. A friend and I would really like to lose some weight and I just watched your video. You said all the things I have been sharing with her and all the things she said she struggles with. My question is how often would we do it? I have been talking all day with them about how it can help our finances and committing to Tapping for $50,000 with Margaret Lynch every day at 12:00 before we start our day… So now I would like to include the weight loss EFT you just shared on this video as well. Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing your info! We would like to keep it to about 20 minutes if possible for both Tapping for finances and weight loss. I am thinking we would do it every day like taking vitamins or doing excersize… What is your suggestion? And thank you so much again!

  • Didn’t work. I knew it wouldn’t. I’ve tried EFT before and only sometimes works for me. When it does, it’s great, but I never know what it will work for. Sometimes I tap and tap until the points are sore and nothing changes. I think the issues are deeper and this only touches the surface. Chocolate and sweets are about filling the lonely void inside me and even tho it is only temporary it is better than nothing. It is frustrating and discouraging that it works so easily for some people and not for me.

    • Dear Nancy,

      I think the following quote can best describe what is happening when we crave to do something…

      “Everything we do (and think, for that matter) is governed by impulses firing across synapses, or spaces between certain cells that guide communication in the brain. When any behavior or pattern is repeated enough, the synaptic pathways associated with that pattern get used to being accessed. As a result, it becomes easier for impulses to travel along those pathways, and the behavior seems “natural.” [source: Discovery]

      “In other words, to the brain, need to relax-wine-chocolate-sleep, in that order, can be practically instinctive when repeated over a lifetime. One action triggers the next. The reality is, habits are easier to make than they are to break. If you repeat a behavior often enough, those synaptic pathways are going to get worn in. The human brain is a very adaptive piece of machinery.” [source: Discovery]

      Why is it easier for some with tapping?

      “Everyone’s brain is different, and habit formation also relies on aspects of experience and personality. Breaking a habit can be more complicated for some, because while parts of those worn-in pathways can weaken without use, they never go away [source: Rae-Dupree]. They can be reactivated with provocation [source: Delude]. If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, you already know this. You can go a year without a cigarette, and then give in one time and BAM, the habit comes right back.” [source: Discovery]

      (Dawson is great at addressing neural pathways … better than me :)

      Cravings can continue because we very often haven’t reached the real source of the trigger, like for me, it’s fear. When I am afraid at night (afraid of something bad happening – like most recently – my mother’s impending dying from Alzheimer’s disease), I return to the place of a scared child and carbs SEEM to comfort me and calm me down to sleep (except the next day when I feel like crap). Carbs are a quick fix, but if I can allow myself a little space to be an observer of what is going on with me, then I can urge that little girl in me to try another tapping session, maybe even follow it with a calming meditation — others might try an evening walk after, or a call to an uplifting friend, or a dig in the garden to remain feeling calm.

      But if I can use tapping to resolve why my mother’s death brings up such little girl fear in me, then the craving (and my ultimate carb behavior) will diminish over time as my emotions improve. And maybe there are those of us that care so much, that our emotions tend to hang on longer than other people, so we need to do a little more work.

      I hope this helps. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


  • You are adorable….everyone I have ever come across that shares EFT seems to be so selfless and giving and just wants to help others…..I have gotten into a bad habit of chips & chocolate/something sweet when I am stressed….Hopefully this will work for me with this issue..I never connected the feeling with the food before..brought tears to my eyes made me think of my childhood…and special occasion treats…Fascinating

  • Your video is a great reminder of how useful tapping can be for all kinds of problems. Looking forward to shedding my excess 15 lbs.

  • Thank you so much for this video, such service.
    I visited the video a couple of weeks ago and tapped for craving carbs. Interesting how quickly the memory of fresh baked bread at a friend’s home where everyone was welcomed and accepted with warmth came flashing in. This was perhaps 50+ years ago. I did the tapping and found that I was no longer craving extras, that it was suddenly easier to not have seconds. In a week I had discarded 3 or 4 pounds that were just hanging on even though I’d increased my exercise, etc.etc.
    I’ve visited again to tap on body image obsession.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  • I’m a little behind on week one. I just went through the craving tapping with an open bag of Sweet Chili and Sour Cream Kettle chips!!! I didn’t eat one chip. The memory that came to me was of growing up with 7 kids in a family that was not poor but I know it was hard for my parents. My mother kept all the treats under lock and key (she still has the cabinet, at 80 years of age, that she used to lock those treats in!!) We would only get treats at very special times. My brothers and I would try to figure out a way to get into that cabinet! and we did find the key once, but mom found out about it and hid it somewhere else. I also grew up competing with my 3 brothers and could keep up with them in the eating department. Our plates had to be cleaned before we could leave the table. They licked, I licked! They, of course, are all slender grown-ups, but I have struggled with weight all my life. The strangest thing is that, even though I am 50 pounds heavier than when I got married, I felt just as fat then as I do now…so it’s hard to imagine myself thin. In my mind, I was fat even when I wasn’t fat. My mother struggled with her weight all her life. It was a big bone of contention between her and my father. They divorced after 30 years of marriage, after my mother had her stomach stapled and lost 150 pounds. I separated from my husband after 24 years of marriage.
    Well, that is a lot of memories that have popped up. Not sure which of these pertains to my compulsion to eat when I am home alone, lonely at night. But hopefully I will get to the bottom of it, with your help.

  • This was pretty strange… I crave chocolate and my first memory is really really clear and it makes so much sense to me. Now will this happen to relieve feelings of cravings from a bad break up. I think I will try it. Thank you

  • Great, I need to keep trying. I need the keep working on it. I need to stop craving for things and just replace it with love.

  • I love this… I also had or may still have , a craving for chocolate and fried chicken and chips… I thought I just "liked" them.. but later when I started taking Omegas and flax seed oil pills, I realized I had been losing my omegas and and good cholesterol… my bad cholesterol , LDL, went up , but came back to normal after I started taking the flax oil pills… and the chips tasted rancid after that.. so do improve the omega level in your body, because the use of bad oils seems to kill them off… and the brain is searching for the good oil.. so tapping must help us with knowing what to eat for the brain, whenever we crave a fat , we will eat the right fats… like avocado etc.. thank you again. mary.

  • Thanks for finally talking about > Cravings

  • Thank you for reminding me about tapping! I do a variety of energy techniques with my patients but never remember to apply them to myself! I tapped with you with abandon….and now I’ll remember it for my CHOCOLATE addiction! Coffee comes next!

  • Janice,

    When I work with new “big dreamers” on 8 Women Dream they have an artificial sense of how quickly change should happen. Meaning that once they start working on their dream they expect to see instant results because they have gone from a place of not doing steps (to make something happen) to taking the necessary steps. Instead of stopping to celebrate the fact that they took their first steps they are focused on all that is not happening.

    I don’t know how many years it took to build your resistance, but maybe it’s the resistance you need to tap on to explore how resistance has kept you safe and see if you can recall a time where resistance paid off for you big time and it has been protecting you ever since.

    Instead of worrying about the fact that you still have the craving (you should give yourself credit for trying it — that’s a big step up against resistance right there) spend some time with “Even though I am the Queen of resistance I still love and accept myself for being me…” or “Even though I say that I am the Queen of resistance I understand that it is my way of protecting myself from…” and explore it for a while.

    Maybe the craving is too big of a first step. “Even though I am very disappointed in myself, I celebrate the fact that I continue on my journey and recognize my resistance when it appears.” Begin to love that part of yourself and explore why it keeps coming up.

    It’s protecting you from something….

    Love, Catherine

  • Hi Thank you I am using this for wine. I am allowing this to happen.
    Many thanks for posting this.

  • I am still worried that my cravings will continue to control me, but at the same time I have a spark of hope inside that this technique could possible work for me:)

  • I understand, honey…I understand.

  • At the moment I started watching I thought I really didn’t have a craving, however I have to chew gum every waking hour- I started chewing gum after I stopped smoking it like I need to have something in my mouth all the time. Guess it is better than eating!! I like the process. Thank You, Elsie Shrawder

  • Thank you for your story and teaches everyone how to help ourselves to a better life. I ahve been dealing with huge cravings for ice cream and chocolate for years, I never knew it was tied to the memory of my Dad. I could see the first time he made a special time to make me feel loved by him. Now he has passed on and the ice cream was my way of feeling close to him, and the feeling that I am loved. Thank you again, I will have to try this with other things in my life as well. I really want to be around for my kids and grand kids in a healthy way.

  • I have used EFT for other things and am always amazed to see how well it works, never ever thought about using it for cravings……………………thank you! It is so easy.

  • I did feel some lessening of cravings but I don't have good memories about using food at all. when I think of my earliest memories of eating food, it usually brings up feelings of reaching for something TO feel good because I felt so lousy. I don't have good memories of food.

  • hi, thanks for the video. I’m interested in seeing how eft might work for me in my desire to eat less mindlessly in the evening in front of the tv. I do this to totally zone out and don’t feel the tv watching experience is complete without the food. any thoughts???

  • Nunca encuentro traducción en español en sus videos. Lástima.

    (Translation: Meeting never in Spanish translation in videos. Pity)

  • I’m told I’m the quuen of resistance. Didn’t work for me. I’ve been searching for decades for holistic/metaphysical healing but just not getting anywhere. Very disappointed in myself. Sigh.

  • I also want to know why not the top of the head and under arm? Every other article I see, uses those…

  • Thank You Brittany! This is awesome!

  • I loved this video, it offers some hope! I however, don’t seem to crave any one thing. Can the afformations apply to a genre of food? I seem to crave more salty snacks, it varies from day to day. I would love to join the seminar, what do I need to do?

  • Great stuff!

    How much would you typically charge for a private session to clear a craving similar to the chocolate one?

    I would really appreciate an answer!

  • Very good presentation, looks like very easy thing. Does it matter which hand and which side of the body we are using-left or right?
    Started at 8-9 and finished at 1. It was about cravings for Panera bread bagels with cheese on top and other breads. Lost focus about cheese and tapped only for breads after first round. Now all I crave is top of the bagel with cheese. I guess my next tapping will be on cheeses.
    Thank you for the good quality video.

  • Why do you not use the top of the head and the under-the-armpit points?

    Nice video!

  • Good for you!!! EFT is amazing… I have been doing it for years and it works on everything!! Stay committed!!

  • Started at 8 and finished at zero! Feel different. The desire was so strong prior to tapping, I would have eaten the marshmallows! Desire kept reducing, until I had absolutely no desire! Very impressed.

  • Tapped to work on "sweets" craving, result-work on sweets and some relationships at the same time.

  • very kewel and it works!

  • I have always thought of Chocolate Cake as a reminder of childhood. Going back to Catholic school, stopping and having a piece of cake with my Mother. So the emotions are mixed. My mother always meant safety and security, having the cake was a treat before going back to Catholic boarding school for the week. As an adult I would love to give up this craving, or at least be able to manage it. Thanks so much for this new and innovative technique. Looking forward to more information. Be well, Gerry

  • I went from a 9 to a 4 to a 1, and we will see if this will take, I will be trying it on other things as well. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the video. Enjoyed it. I’ve been doing EFT for some time now and it has helped me get through some very difficult times. Using EFT to deal with food cravings and lose the extra 15 pounds I carry has been on the back burner for some time now. Your video addressing my second biggest food craving has helped me get started. Bests

  • This is fascinating, we will see if it works. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thank you so much for this video, I knew that there was a way to help with food
    cravings, but did not know the words or way to do it. Have done EFT lots of times
    and get extremely beneficial results everytime I do this.

    I did this several times and got my scale down to 0 for a number of cravings.

    I love the fact that we can be in control and can choose other ways to make
    ourselves happy.

    The word BUT..seems to change everything and bring in new energy (serotonin at
    the thought of new freedom of choice? Thank you!

  • I am 74 and have been over weight practically all my life. I am now pre , diabetic and need to loose it . I am open to tapping, but was amazed that the actual good feeling to chocolate connected to am event. When the session was over, I wanted to eat the piece I had nibbled on, but put it back. My craving usually comes between 4 and 6 pm, so I think I need to repeat. The other one beside chocolate is soft cheese. I will try and join the class

  • The scripts are great, and we have dozens of them in the program. But it's also important to tap on your own unique life experiences, rather than relying only on the scripts. Week 1 is focused on tapping for your cravings, but Week 3 is dynamite, tapping on all your unique behavioral cues around food and eating. Both sensory and emotional.

  • I am crying right now. When I was a child, food was withheld from me and I was emaciated and malnourished. Now I am 75 lbs overweight because I eat whenever I get the chance–just in case I don't have the chance later. After going through this exercise, my craving to eat all the time is at level zero. I am going to do this every day!

  • It WAS 20 minutes if not longer??????

  • I have used this before for anxiety with my kids and I think they have gotten quite a bit of relief. Going through this exercise with you has really changed how I look at weight loss and given me a glimmer of hope that there is a way to finally beat the cravings and the craziness of my current weight situation – where do I find out more information about the 6 week program. I can’t join the call tonight but would love to learn more.

  • OMG thanks so much I am just learning EFT and this helped so much! Its great to see how different people teach it and I was very much more comfortable with your technique!

  • I think this can work for me. I am stuck in a good paying job for three years that will have my home paid off by the time I retire at age 70 in 3 years. Last child out of school in one year. I am pretty good looking about 15 lb overweight. Need to exercise but never have and need to eat better. No idea how to find a husband. Lonely but busy with friends and darling grandchildren and lots of work. New transition with electronic med records at hospital and another at the office. Very stressful. Divorced 20 years. Hard to find stimulating man. I am Mormon so need marriage for closeness. I look like I have it all and I really could. Just haven’t broken through to last bit to take care of me. Life better every year but growth taking longer than it should. Childhood boyfriend honestly was so matched for me died at age 19 ( knew him at age 7 and fell for him…it is possible). Seem stuck way back there. I am now 67.

  • Great work! You added some new ideas for me to use in my tapping. You will continue to do well I'm sure. Thank you!

  • with ADHD you have to keep it simple. after trying and thinking of trying so many times, I think I'm ready, thanks to you. love your energy. love your accepting, calm, confident and clear tone.

  • I love using & teaching Tapping. More info on it at

  • This does certainly shift the energy! Thanks!

  • That's the beauty of tapping. It's so portable. In the six week program we will have you tapping in the morning as you contemplate your eating plan for the day. Tapping before each meal. Tapping for "problem" foods. Tapping for cravings. You use it whenever you're tempted, as well as in the weekly structure of the program. The research shows cravings for chocolate, sweets, chips, etc dropping by an average of 83% in a few minutes. It really works!

  • Just watched video, craving went from 9 to one, which I thought was AMAZING!
    I’ll be on the lookout for your program to healthy eating.

  • Thank you, Brittney! That was a great tapping script, and I enjoyed tapping along with you! What you share is an abundance of blessings….

  • It is about tapping. It doesn't take up the whole 20 minutes. It is toward the middle of the video. The first part is explaining how tapping works.

  • I am a health coach for a weight loss program and have been teaching EFT to my clients since I began! This video will be a great help to teach more clients and help get them started!

  • I thought this was a 20 minute tapping video. So sick of your deception.

  • Thank you so much for the video. I love tapping as it works wonders for me and this helped me realize I can use it for anything @ anytime!

  • Wow! It works, that's all I gotta say!

  • Hi! Did you finish watching Downton Abbey?

  • So true! The relationships between good feelings and memories and all the cravings! Very powerful work! Thanks!

  • Okay…. Loved the video…. What's the next step?

  • Would love to do this but there is no sound.

  • I love your work but the words are much too fast to keep up. It would also be lots better if you left a silent blank for long enough for us to say our own words. I find chocolate gets in there and I don't eat it.
    Thanks again

  • Same as Erica….I have the same problem.

  • Is there a program available ? Thanks for video, it really worked.

    • Yes, Tim, the six week program is comprehensive. We start with cravings in Week One because cravings are the root of most compulsive eating. It’s hard to make any progress in other areas unless you release your cravings. But we usually see large drops in craving levels (in the scientific research, an average drop of 83%) and then we give you the Naturally Slim Eating Plan in Week Two. Week Three focuses on the 6 behaviors of people who lose weight and keep it off permanently, and so on. Please join us!

  • I know that EFT works… when I do it!

    That is the biggest obstacle for me, I tend to have a resistance about even doing it. I would rather do or have whatever it is instead of addressing the underlying issue with EFT.

    What would you encourage me to do to overcome the resistance to even starting?

    I’m open to your feedback! Thanks so much!

  • Tapping has worked to help me with wasteing money, now I need help with stuffing myself!

  • My cravings are always after dinnertime, when I am finally able to sit back, relax, and enjoy being in my body. All day I am working, which, given that I am a therapist (yes, and EFT practitioner!) is largely confined to my mind/brain. With scant sources of purely physical pleasure sensations in my life, I find it easily in ‘treats’ in the evening, the reward at the end of the day, ‘my time’. It is the body-sensations of pleasure that I get from the treats I eat (crackers, chocolate, dried fruit) that I crave, and satisfy in this way.

    I feel no food cravings at all during the day, eat healthfully as a matter of course, so it’s the night-time triggering of physical pleasure/enhanced relaxation by means of treats that does me in. While calorically I don’t take in that much excess, as I am satisfied with sensible food all day, the fact that the treats are ingested at night seems to be a problem. Also, though in my ealier yrs. I’d drop weight inadvertently if I was simply too busy to eat well for a day or two, ever since menopause, whether or not I eat, eat more, eat less, my weight doesn’t drop. The fifteen or so lbs I put on over the last 15-16 yrs are firmly attached to my abdomen, hips, bottom.
    I can’t seem to come up with an appropriate tapping script for me. Nor do I buckle down to do the work. Work on ‘my time’?
    The cliché of shoemaker’s kids going barefoot comes to mind….

  • Wow, Brittany, I am a long time tapper, love nlp too, & others but you
    really found an area to help me where I felt out of control. I went down significantly
    right away. Your testm’l tape was my alter-ego, we have great taste but
    its no fun when its hurting us. I am so grateful for this exercise and YOU.

  • Excellent presentation. I have done tapping in the past but it’s so nice to follow with you and your verbiage. You are very good at explaining and demonstrating what tapping is and what and how it helps “reboot” our hard wired habits. Looking forward to more on this. Thanks so much.

  • Really enjoyed this session and it brought up some new thoughts for me. I don’t have a specific craving…I find myslef addicted to food generally. I know enough about nutrition to eat high quality foods but I just feel better if I eat almost constantly, particularily in the afternoon, after I have finished “my work” for the day. I didn’t realize that it could be positive feelings from the past that are driving my addiction. I know see that this idea resonates with me. My family was always so close and that was expressed through many family eating occasions. Due to circumstances and distance those get togethers are now rarely possible and I see how this has left a void in my life. I will be trying to tap around these issues of missing family and lonliness. Any suggestions?

    • You’re on the right track in tapping on those issues of missing family, Kathy! Try it for a few days and then let us know if the feelings subside? Thanks!

    • My problem is lack of control over the amounts of food I eat. This comes from being raised in an abused and childhood of poverty. At work, if I saw someone throw food away I had to actually make myself not get upset. I did successfully get a grip on my weight through weightwatchers but you must follow the maintenance diet forever. I want to release this emotional habit. I did not tap to “chocolate” but over eating. I can afford food, but I need to be organized and plan my food. I am sure I will not starve but how can I convenience my brain to hard wire this?.

  • I find that if I brush my teeth and drink a glass of water, it puts some distance between me and my cravings. Protein also helps if it is a craving for sweets.

  • Encourage others to join you and post daily about your progress.
    Dumbbells are a sound investment if you want to work out anytime
    and virtually any place. Water activities are well suited for people who have painful
    joints or difficulty moving.

    • Having others join you is a fabulous idea. I got a “tapping buddy” on Week 2 last year, and I’m still in touch with him about my eating and weight plans a year later! Having the accountability helps.

  • Thanks Brittany. Doing the tapping helped loose my craving for “wine”… Are we suppose to do this everyday for different foods?

    • Yes, you often find your cravings changing as you tap. Your craving for one thing goes away, your craving for another one takes its place. So you tap on that. And we have MANY tapping scripts in the Bonuses each week for every manner of temptation: salty foods, hard candy, cookies, wine, cake, etc.

  • Brittany Thanks so much for sharing! Love it! I tapped on my cravings for cheese and nuts. Gone. I have done EFT for several years with a friend leading the way. I am currently trying to be more independent in doing my own tapping. Thanks for giving me the confidence to pursue my efforts.

  • Hi . I used your great video to try and overcome my absolute addition to Tv Series, watching sometimes for hours and hours. Is that okay? Clio osman

    • What happened to your craving numbers from 10 (max) to 0 (min)? What were they for watching TV before you tapped, and after?

  • Hi. Although eating is at times a problem for me my greatest problem is watching tv series for hours and hours on end so I watched the video and substituted my computer with its easy access to the programs. Is that okay?

  • This is my first time friend told me about it and put me to your website. I’m not going to try and understand how it works, I’ve had emotional eating habits since a, that I’m 65, it’s all trying to catch up with me and I need to stop my “after 4″ binge eating….Tapping is one more tool for my arsenal against weight gain, cholestrol, high blood pressure, depression and for peace of heart and mind…I’m looking forward to my success..

    • You’re not alone, Mimi! Studies show that people are MUCH more likely to overeat in the afternoon and evening than earlier in the day. As you release your cravings and follow the “Naturally Slim Eating Plan” we offer in Week 2, you find a host of side benefits. Personally, having lost that weight, my knees are happier to be carrying less weight around; my heart and circulation have improved, etc. Research also shows a strong link between depression and weight, and in Week 3 of the Skinny Genes program, we show you how to tap to address it.

  • i would like to see a session that works on releasing having lost the weight in the past and the fear of having it return

  • Can't wait to try this tomorrow with real food. I keep working with EFT believing for sure it works. Please tell me Why you do not use head points to tap on or continue each round under the arms to the head and then a deep breath. Just curioius. Would love to hear more. think this was very helpful.

  • It's good to see a normal person saying and doing this. I'm sick of high pressure selling of products. I know you're a high flyer, but I listened and it worked…thanks.

  • I have successfully used tapping to overcome a chocolate addiction, but it has recently reared up. I am an EFT practioner. This time I noticed when I accessed a memory of eating chocolate I remembered wishing the chocolate bar would never end and profound lonliness accompanied that memory. Those addictive behaviours may have started early on.

  • I have just tried this and went from an 8 to a 1 maybe even 0 . Don't know how long it will last but I will just keep repeating it until it goes. Thank you so much, even to feel in control for this moment in time is great. a Potts

  • Day 3 I like it and I believe it. I am open to it.

  • I know it will work if I do the work. day 2 I am doing the work

  • I'm on bucket loads of medication, nite time is worst f or me as I need to eat going to bed to save my tummy from getting a hole in it from the meds. I fall down on biscuits, I could do with one or 2 but then it goes to six etc. anyone out there with the same probl.

  • I would like to know if this would instill in me to want to eat healthy foods like more vegi's, not just giving up junk food.

  • Thank you so much, it really worked for me. a few weeks ago I did the tapping with you to stop my chocolate cravings. I was eating 1 or 2 kit kats every day but right after I did the tapping with you I just didn't feel the need to eat chocolate anymore. I went 2 weeks without it and never even missed it. I can eat some chocolate if I want but its not a craving anymore. today I did the video with you to stop eating lays potato chips and at first I just loved the crunch of the chips and the wonderful salty taste but by the end of the video the chips just do not taste the same anymore. thanks so much for that. I would love if you did this video to help rid myself of specific feelings. thank you.

  • I have used EFT for my health and it has been very successful I really look forward to using it for my body shape! thanks

  • I am usually quite controlled with craving chocolate but over the past 3 days I just cant get enough of it – I ate 2 bars today and still craving it. I think being stressed at work might have something to do with it.

    I loved going back to a childhood memory where I was having fun with my cousins riding bikes and being free. I want to go back there NOW. I am sure the memory only came up because of the tapping which brought it to my attention. I am still craving chocolate but at least I know what feelings I am trying to relive so thank you. Looking forward to lots more tapping.

  • Amazing, powerful, simple, and true.

  • All my food cravings start way back as a kid in the kitchen with my Mom. She was the one that supported me. She was an excellent cook and dessert chef! Oh, how good it all tasted. Its nice to see what is connected to what with the EFT/tapping!

  • Hi Brittany. Fab tapping ideas, thank you. But I still find that I feel anxious and I need to re-wire my brain not to use food to lessen this feeling. Any ideas?

  • Brittany why do you not use the top of the head or the underarm tapping points?

  • Felt so relaxed and not stressed after taking the tapping session. I am so excited to keep trying it to control cravings! Thank you for sharing the EFT experience!

  • Hi, Buillany…Have a great day a beautiful gairl…your presentation very nice also youe facial expression when you speak a beautiful.
    Total of all your on your each sweet and attractive.
    Avraham Ezra

  • I'm looking forward to my weight lose.

  • I do EFT regularly, but you used some statements that I had never considered and they really helped me tune in to my emotions. I feel SO much more in control….Thank You!!!! :)

  • pizza in my past!

  • hi i love your energy iwould like to know if you can help me with my problem with alcohol i have had 8 years of sobriety and and i had gastric bypass surgery and i couldn’t eat so i turned to different things pills shoplifting and now alcohol could you help me in any way! sandra

    • Dear Sandra, Just reading through the comments and yours jumped out at me. Have you heard of ‘julia Ross’ and her amino acid therapy in both her books the mood cure and the diet cure, for addictions both food and other substances. I have read and used both her books to good effect. Might be worth a look for you. Good luck with everything. Annette

  • I'm going to really give this a try. My cravingS are lots of junk foods, not just chocolate. Thank you for doing this for all of us who want to lose weight!

  • I am a big fan of tapping and practice most days on myself and am fortunate to be able to help others. It was very helpful and useful to tap along with someone so thank you for making the video. Will watch the others now.

  • I am grateful for this tapping. I had a craving for cake and icing. I don’t seem
    to have that out of control feeling anymore. I think it is so important to get to the
    root cause which I think EFT has done.


  • Thank you so much for exploring the fact the it is ok to mistrust this process and not just go blindly into the process. I have now kicked my chocolate truffle habbit! Alsi Itried it on my spder phobia

  • Caramilk bars were a weakness for me. When you suggested that we have a bite at the beginning of the excercise, I felt like I could have gobbled up the whole thing. Surprisingly to me – I don’t feel like eating any more of it! WooHoo!!!

  • Thanks Brittany. That was really helpful. I’m glad you did chocolate as it’s the biggest of my cravings and strongest comfort food.
    I found it interesting that the time I started to feel panic was when you said that we can have chocolate any time we wanted to! I realised that I’ve put chocolate in the ‘bad’ basket which perhaps has made me want it all the more at times. I appreciate the balance of what you say in the tapping exercise and to really deal with the compulsive side of craving.
    Thanks again

  • I just started this today. At one point I got quit emotional which surprised me. I realized that growing up we rarely had treats and when we did on birthday's or holidays, it was always a very special family time. We were all together. That's what I really crave!

  • I have been struggling with emotional eating for the past several months since I lost my partner to cancer. Night time is generally the worst when I am alone and left with all my emotions. Today it began earlier and I had already overindulged and found myself compelled to go back to the kitchen for me. Right now, after just having finished with this craving video, I am sitting right next to my favorite cheeses and sweets and I am totally uninterested. I can't wait to begin relating to food differently and wanting to feed myself for my health and true happiness. I know the weight I have put on has been a welcome shield from unwanted attention from men but I hope to let go of the fear of being my highest self and owning my beauty.

  • Thank you for this helpful video. I have many cravings that are completely out of control. Changing that would be miraculous!

  • So cool! And just in time! Thank you, Brittany!

  • Right now I feel good about my cravings, but I am taking a wait and see approach to see if it lasts. We are having a weight problem with our 11 year old. I am going to begin tapping with him.

  • I'd like to tap along with the self sabotage video, but all i get is the 'welcome' page, where I have already signed in and activated the subsciption….

  • Thank you! Very inspirational. I am ready for the remaining videos.

  • Hi Brittany, This is a great video – I was forwarded a link to your site from another tapping/EFT connection and am really glad I did. I had a wicked craving for sugar and it is nearly gone! I am interested in becoming a Master EFT Practitioner. Where did you study? Any recommendations? (Also re NLP and energy coach!)

  • I started the round with suds at 50 – as soon as I saw myself in this mirror surrounded by family – all I could see was the anger and hatred in my MIL’s eyes. She was quiet and in the past she has done everything within her means to create issues in my marriage – she has from day 1 felt threatened by me and with this new sexy svelte me – she looked like she was going to have an attack. My suds went up to 100. I kept tapping and reached 8 at which point i felt like if she doesnot like it – well – thats her problem not mine. and if my husband really cares for me – he would be able to discern truth from the lies she spins. I still have to tap on this . BUt thank you.

  • OMGosh……chocolate has been a compulsion for most of my life, lately in bigger and bigger way. When you suggested we look to our past for the first time we had this food at first all I could see was a Hershey bar and I wondered where that came from. Suddenly I saw it : I saw the whole vision/movie of the layered chocolate cake that Grandpa would buy when we came over for Sunday dinner. He wasn’t always around but when he was he’d load all the grandkids into his car and drive to the bakery to buy that yummy layered chocolate cake. I remember feeling excited and happy about getting his attention. I burst into tears: to think all this time my compulsion for chocolate has been to revisit those happy yet fleeting times with Grandpa made me sad.
    Nevertheless I went through the exercise with you and by the end of the 4 rounds was at zero, having started at 7 I feel that’s remarkable!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • great video, had chocolate in my fridge and had it beside me as I tapped. I found I was enjoying chocolate less and less as we tapped, at the last round I started to see the chocolate as just sugar with other stuff and it’ appeal was not as strong. will see how I go for the next week as I usually only last a couple of days before I start to crave chocolate and end up eating loads of it. thank you.

  • I absolutly enjoyed it and will continue to try your tapping.

  • Potatoes, bread and sweets are my downfall and I’ve put on so much weight that I’ve done my back in and need to lose it desperately otherwise I’m going to be housebound! I will keep this up for as long as it takes and am looking foward to following the rest of the programme.

  • Thank you. It was good!

  • I liked this, and I will use it. I am an emotional eater, and noticed how I use these foods and the memory for comfort. Thanks

  • Thanks. This is working on my cravings. Thanks again!

  • I just had a slight junk food craving that would be really activated when I was hungry or tired or stressed out. It didn’t happen daily but enough that when we had family gatherings I would eat a bunch of junk food then feel bad about it. So I did this tapping technique about junk food. When I remembered back to a time when I first ate this food I realized that it was always on special family occasions, thats when we could afford it growing up. I realized that even now that’s when we all eat junk food, on holidays, 4th of July. I’m excited to know that at these times I can eat the junk food and not go crazy around it! Thank you for making this.

  • I come from a big Italian family that loves to eat. All of my memories good or bad revolve around food. I know I am an emotional eater and I thank you for this video. I am excited about gaining control over my cravings.

  • hello dear brittany that was awefully good i enjoyed of it that’s great thanks a lot i love it and love you i hope can release my fats i wish to see other your program specialy about hair lost if it’s possible tanks again
    with sencerely

  • Thank you so much for this liberating technique. I am sharing it with my family and friends.

  • Thank you for your marvelous video, keep on informing us more about our glorious life style!

  • Brittany, thank you so much for sharing your cool video! What a great way to apply EFT Tapping! This will assist me in transforming my relationship to "feel good" food categories by getting to the when, where and why I fell in love with them to begin with! I had already gotten over my sugar and bread compulsion after from Paris-this will help me to politely turn down a second helping when I really already feel satisifed. Thanks!

  • I have been drawn to Tapping quite reluctantly as I was sceptical about the claims made for it. But I learned the basic tapping and use it most just at bedtime. I have already achieved deeper sleep in two four hour sequences and for some reason have eaten smaller meals, with more salads and vegetables. And fewer cookies. Dropped 4-5 pounds, too and found myself feeling like exploring more things to do around the house. It’s like reverting back to earlier days of having all kinds of projects going. Pretty fair for a 90 year old (91 next week). Enjoyed your tapping demo, Brittany….watching you tap so energetically made it plain to me that more may be better…..that I probably can’t overdo the tapping for my stubborn cravings for cookies. Lucille

  • Thank You. I love finding out about new possibilities. It really seemed to help. My cravings are almost anything with sugar in it. I hope this will help for such a broad spectrum! It helped with the little bit of sugar that I did eat. It just didn't taste good to me anymore and trigger that comfort! Yay!

  • It works. I will follow for your videos. Blessings and thank you.

  • Fascinating. I am truly hopeful that this will help me control which foods I choose to eat, instead of food controlling me as it’s been for so long. I’m ready to be in control again. Thank you!

  • Seems like you are going too fast. Are we in a race? Otherwise good stuff.

  • What a great job you do in simply explaining why EFT is so amazing. I’ve had advanced training from Gary Craig’s DVD’s and have been doing it for years and now practice a hybrid that combines it with Quantum Touch, The Healing Codes ala Alex Loyd, Cold Lasers and Energy Medicine principles of Donna Eden. It’s amazing how simply doing EFT alone, though, can make a major difference for the better in someone’s life immediately. It rocks and so do you!

    • Oh, and my craving is for decaf coffee. It just tastes so GOOD to me. I love the dark roasted beans, the smell and just enjoying it. I don’t have any specific memory, but sense it’s the feelings of companionship that I get when having coffee since when I first was allowed to drink it, it was time spent with my mom or dad or both and then sharing it early in the a.m.s with my beloved dog, who loved to drink it as well.

  • I followed your video and then did it again twice more from the PDF file, but unfortunately I managed to gulp down way too many carbs, which are my cravings. I sincerely wish that EFT worked for me. Have tried it before with other types of phrases, but can’t seem to find the emotional issue I need to address.

    • Carbs are another form of glucose. I love how Brian Peskin explains the sound science and physiology behind it, which will help your understanding of the topic as well as forming your statements for EFT. Check out Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Kit to see if your energy systems are running backward, as well, so you can fix it as per her DVD. I got mine from

      I follow Ori Hofmekler’s Warrior Plan and thrive on it; it’s how I’ve always instinctively eaten and felt great till following ‘advice’ from ‘experts’. HTH

  • thanks!

  • What an eye opener to family memories and a way to stay connected via delicious, homemade creamy fudge with nuts! I had forgotten..attachment has plunged. Last rounds addressed my misgivings. Now, let's see how it plays out. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the video. My problem is with wine.
    I have no happy memories regarding wine or much of anything else. Married an alcolic 40 years ago need I say more. Would absolutey love to just get on with my life, make some friends and start having fun.

    • Hi Catherine – my problem is wine too. For me it’s a crutch at the end of the day to put away all the stress. Tapping helped my daughter recover from anorexia. She refused all conventional treatment and therapy – we were desperate when we came across tapping. Now that she is recovered, I’m here to focus more on myself now and put an end to reaching for that glass! I’ll let you know how I get on.

  • Interesting program, I am looking forward to the course.I

  • first round 5/10, second round zero!

  • Hi Brittany,

    Great video, but I have a question. My first memories of eatting sugar was when I was about 3yrs old… I would sneak the box of brown sugar and hide in the living room behind the curtains and eat it straight out of the box. I have had a weight problem and sugar compulsion my whole life. My memories of eating anything is not pleasurable. For me eating, especially sugar, is about self medicating and numbing my feelings. Will tapping still be an effective technique for someone in my circumstance? Thanks.

    • absolutely! Just go back and remember the bad feelings while you imaging eating the food.. Tap on the bad feelings, instead of the positive ones.. It will better for you that way.

      keep us posted on your progress!



  • this really works! I did it for almond butter, and I had no problem and fear when putting it back in the fridge for some other time. genious!

  • Hey Brittany,
    When I think back I find myself sitting on the couch, eating chocolate or junkfood to forget about my horrible day at school feeling lonely an unloved. It turned into bulimia. How can I use tapping cause you are talking about happy memories but my memories are not so happy.. What words do I use?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Milo- I would use something like: Even though I eat when I feel lonely and unloved… Do the exercise the same way just use the negative memory you have. It will work the same.

      Good luck!

  • Amazing – I threw away the piece of chocolate I had tasted and smelled as instructed -this may be a first! It was incredible to realize that I have this association with chocolate and my grandmother in particular as well as other happy family holiday times where even in chaos…peace and joy that I wished was there always at least stayed for a while. It has opened up some other areas for me to work on as well. At the end of the session I through out the uneaten chocolate and added the two other pieces (wrapped) back into the candy bowl. My craving is at a 0 now – I can't wait for dinner tonight to see what happens! I always feel this need for sweet after I eat a meal – I am excited by the possibility that it has gone for good!

  • Hi Brittany,

    If I want to tap to motivate myself to exercise more, how do I do that? I can control my cravings, but I am too lazy to exercise which I know it will burn off my fat. I just don’t have the motivation to do it. Can please you advise? thank you!

    • Hi Elizabeth! I talk about that in week 5 of my program.. More info about that coming soon..

  • I loved the last part "I'm willing for this to be easy." Thsi is profound–so many of us have the subconscious belief that for anything to work–from money to weight–it has to be difficult. I actually felt my craving for sweets diminish markedly. Thank you!

  • Like listening, I have tried to control my sweets, can't wait to see some results and looking forward to my skinny genes too. Thanks

  • I'd love to see you deal with fears and other forms of stress in the same way as you did with compulsive eating. Does it work there? Anyway, thanks for the free demo. Wish you all the best in spreading the good around.

  • Wow, that was an eye opener! I have been a tapper for several years now, but I have not been able to get to the root of my addiction to chips and dips and “party foods”. I also have been on my own since a very young age and have realized thru this today that this is my way of staying connected to my family and the few good times we had together. I never thought to tap on the positive reasons that I can’t live without these foods. I feel like the physical craving are mostly gone but my emotions are all over the place now and I feel very very sad :(

  • Hello Brittany, you make it look so simple and easy. And it is easy to follow you on this. My craving for tortilla chips went down immediately by a few points. Wishing you all the success you deserve with this program, Leo.

  • I LOVE this video and the way you led us through tapping! Chocolate is my problem, and I've used EFT before, but your video influenced me more. I had never associated chocolate with all those happy memories of being allowed to eat as many handfuls of chocolate covered raisins I wanted when I was a child playing board games with my loving grandparents and little brother! WOW! Knowing I could think of those happy memories INSTEAD OF REACHING FOR CHOCOLATE is a HUGE breakthrough for me! I am so grateful to you! <3

  • I am an avid EFT practitioner for myself, hoping to become certified some day, but I had never made this connection to the wonderful memories of eating chocolate covered ice cream with my father while growing up! Thanks so much for this! Now I can remember the good times without indulging in the chocolate!

  • I tried this, thinking it would be silly…but now I'm not hungry.
    Weird, but cool. I'm going to try it again before lunch to see what happens!

  • Hi Laura
    firstly i’d like to say thank you for sharing your videos. I got your link from nick..
    I tapped along with your video but i really cant remember when i first ate chocolate, i love all things sweet, i am slim i dont worry about the calories but i have a candida problem and for this reason i should stay away from sugar, can i do this without a memory??
    Would this also work with alcohol. I dont drink all the time, prob once a week but when i do drink i dont know when to stop and would like to be able to control this!!
    sorry for all the questions, going to go take a look at your website :)
    Much Love
    Jane xx

    • yes laura.. You can use it for overall cravings for sugar.. Even if you dont have a memory.. and yes, try it for your alcohol cravings as well. :-)

      good luck!

  • Ummmm…wow! There is not a day that has gone by for as long as I remember that I have not craved chocolate and pizza. Last night I tapped on chocolate and actually put away the m&ms I was in the middle of eating when I saw this email! Then I woke up this morning craving pizza for breakfast, so I sat down and tapped and now I don't want it! Thanks so much!

  • Seems to have worked for chocolate. Now on to ice cream. Maybe my success will encourage my husband to use it on his smoking.

  • Wow. I had a jar of nutella in front of me as I did this tapping. I began at an 8 and now I could not care less if it is there or not! I am pretty excited. I have just joined a fitness studio and will be taking part in their nutrition course in September. I have heard that the 8 weeks are pretty strict and I was wondering how I would give up my current craving for nutella and sweet things. Now I know how! Yipee! I have just gone from a 10 on the scale of worrying about it to a 0. Great! Two birds with one stone! :-)
    Thank you. So pleased to have got the invite from Nick to watch your video.

  • Hi Brittany
    Thank you for this great idea. I have a compulsion for any food that is not fruit and vegetables…I just realized that. I will bring those foods to snack on – but look for anything else instead. For some reason I don’t feel that those foods are as tasty or satisfying as heavier foods – and it is funny – but sometimes when I eat them and like them so much I am surprised. This is a revelation and I will have to figure out how to tap on this issue. It feels like I should tap around an aversion to light healthy food instead of a craving for sweets, carbs, etc etc….?

    • Hi Tambra, Keep tapping on your cravings, eventually your body will naturally start craving healthy foods :-)

  • Hi Brittany thank you so much for sharing!!!
    I´, from Argentina!!
    let me tell you a little bit about my problem
    I´ve had eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia) since I was 9 years old and I´m 31 today…22 years with struggling with food and with that a list of psycotherapists and all sorts of methods to find the answer to this terrible issue.

    Until I found the spiritual path and spiritual coaches who some how lead me to EFT.
    I left it a side for a while because I couldn´t take the decision to start with it but finally here I was tapping since my problem came back and I needed a last chance to heal myself
    Here is the thing: everytime I tap after a few rounds (let´s say 3) my body starts feeling nauseous; my stomach feels funny; my is a whole body reaction!!
    Can´t say it doesnt work couse I can´t think about eating after feeling like that! haha…why is this? is it my body resisting change? am I tapping too hard on each point? what can I do?
    thanks again and hope to hear from you soon!!! :D

    • Hi Jimena! Im not sure exactly why you feel nauseous.. And please remember to take responsibility for your health— When you tap, your body releases negative energy that has been stored in your system for a long time. THis might be why you dont feel good after… I would see it at a positive reaction! You are clearing out the bad to make way for the good! Keep at it!



  • Can this be used for alcohol and Cigarette? Please someone respond

    • Yes, It can.. Just use different words- Even though im craving this cigarette..

  • Amazing stuff … Works big time :)
    Thank you so much !

  • I’ve been doing tapping for quite awhile now, but your suggestion about the memory association with craving was new insight . It was very clear where this was rooted , I think sometimes we’re looking for negative experiences to clear and this approach to remembering a happy one was truly helpful. Thanks!

  • I’ve been familiar with EFT for about 3 years now, but I’ve never been really consistent with it. If I don’t see changes right away I tend to give up easily. For the first time did I manage my cravings with EFT! I can now smell/taste/think of the food I used in those rounds without the emotion behind my first memory of eating it!! I’m looking forward to using this upgraded version of the classic EFT with my other cravings and any other challenges life throws at me :)
    P.S. I love it that I was able to download the transcript of this video!

  • Brittany,
    Thank you for this video. I like the way you linked the cravings for certain foods to HAPPY memories. So often in EFT we are working with negative memories. This made facing the cravings much less confrontational.
    For me it wasn’t so much about craving a particular food, but not being able to stop eating a favorite food (sweets basically) once I take a bitel. It’s the compulsion to keep eating that plagues me. For example, most days I don’t even think about the bowl of chocolate that sits in my office at work. But if I do eat one piece, I can’t stop. I just keep eating until the bowl is empty or until I feel sick to my stomach.
    After doing the tappping this morning, I can’t wait to try eating some chocolate today and seeing how I react.
    Thank you for this new take on using EFT!

    • Great! thanks for sharing Mary! My suspicion with the chocolate bowl is that once you have a piece, you feel guilty– you brooke your diet or whatever program you are currently on.. Guilt leads to more overeating. So, if you DO have a piece of chocolate, just allow yourself to have a piece, and be ok with it.

      Hope this helps!



  • Hi Brittany,

    loved your video. I’m going to try doing it, as I’m struggling with health issues.
    I think I can make it work for that because I’, determined to get better,



  • My craving was for creamy foods. It took me back to my childhood on my Grandparents farm & the fresh cream whipped up & vanilla added. The texture, taste & the smoothnessare the happy memories that came back to me. By the end of the tapping I did not feel that craving to be more then a 2, when it had started as an 8. Thank you for this.

  • Brittany, you took me right back to the time before my parents split up. I was about 10, and peppermint chocolate was the only visible warm link between my mother and my father – he expressing, that my mother was a weak person – hence ‘being feminine’ has been ‘being weak’ in my world for long and must be kept invisible – but exactly peppermint chocolate was his only own weakness. Something we could buy for him, and he would appreciate, and I could mend the gap between my mom and dad.
    I love the way you take us back to a lovely memory, and make this a totally warm experience. I’ve been doing EFT for years, but never hit this string before. Thank you!

  • Its feels great at the first moment! I will continue this practice. Thank you very much Brittany! Will this work for lunch? I cannot say that I eat too much but sometimes its crossing the amount that should be and its puts on weight. Wishing you all the best!

    • Sure! Tap before you eat!! Lower your cortisol levels! Its very important!

  • Hi Britney,
    I have aready had a go with your Skinny Genes dvd’s. Everything worked to the book initially but things aren’t holding out for me for any length of time.
    The chocolate even loses its sweetness and doesn’t taste the same. I am giving your dvd’s another go as I know how powerful eft can be and it lasted for several months once when I used ‘David Childerley’ from Englands dvd’s. I also have Paul Mckenna’s dvd’s for weight loss but non of them have lasted for any length of time and I am still too heavy and over eating.
    Any suggestions how I can make it hold for the long term as every time I feel I am on the right road I seem to be able to over ride the initial effects and still want to binge if I am in a stressful situaion?
    Thanks Paula

    • Hi Paula,

      Weight loss is tricky… When I work with clients privately I always dive into their past.. What was their relationship like with mom and dad? School, growing up… ETC.. Sexual trauma is a big reason people hold onto extra weight, or just not feeling safe around the opposite sex.. I would suggest you work with an EFT practitioner to heal any wounds you carry from your past.. As weight is just a symptom of another problem..

      Hope this helps.



  • Zero! Nill! From 9 to 0 on your four rounds and feeling good and nourished. :) I'll report back in a couple of days. Thank you!

  • Hi Brittany, I love your website. I don’t have a weight problem, I do however have a fear about certain foods and that if I eat it, I will get sick or it will harm my body, I also have guilt at times when I eat. Do you have any suggestions on what ‘script’ to use and is there anyway a person can tap to help you crave healthy food?

    Deb x

    • Hi Deb, in my experience, once you tap to release the cravings, your body will naturally want healthy food. And tap for the guilt.. Guilt always leads to overeating.. video #3 will help with that.. Stay tunned… :-)

  • Thanks a lot for the tapping session. I can’t wait for the next one ! Great stuff. I liked the interview with Jessica too. Thanks again

  • הי , האם יש לך נסיון או מידע אם EFT אפקטיבי בהתמכרות לאלכוהול?

  • Just did your tapping video…have a craving for chocolate and other sweet stuff..will check in the next few days if this works for me. Have been doing EFT for other things the last 6 months. All the best for your future videos. :)

  • this was very helpful. My focused was on sugar. i took out brown sugar and tasted it. more than i should have. during taping the third time, i got this very strong craving for hot oatmeal and brown sugar. very strong craving. after the fourth tapping, it was completely gone. WOW!!!!! I’ve been in recovery from alcohol and drugs for 30 years but battled food on and off, this is going to be so helpful to gain my control back. thank you for you service and the video. thank GOD for internet.

  • Thank you for sharing this video. I have had problems with food especially chocolate since a very early age. You put a whole new perspective on why
    I crave these foods now and the EFT to clear the craving for the foods and
    to just enjoy the memories was healing. I look forward to #2. You are a real
    blessing at a time of great need. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much, Brittany! I feel great and I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise. Who knew how easy it would be to feel in control of a craving……..well, I guess you did! Thanks for making this easy and clear to understand. I look forward to more. And goodbye to my potato chip cravings.

  • Thank you for this video. I am going to keep working through this. I am trying really hard to beat my chocolate cravings…so the timing of this was perfect for me. I am currently working with a holistic Dr. but need support while in between sessions with him. This may just do the trick.

  • Great Job Brittany! I think U hit it out of the ball park with this video. I’m 54 & for many of my generation, middle agers, yuppies, boomers etc grew up as children of depression era parents. There wasn’t a lot of food back then, families where large & food made up so much of life. For many families where farmers, not just providing for their own but for the nation as well. We didn’t get rewarded for good behavior with x boxes & I pads. It was the desserts, the comfort foods that our brains interppetted as to our being loved. Mothers told girls that the way to a mans heart was through his stomach. In other cultures a man might get a wife by pressenting her family with a goat. Back home in small tow America if U got a good report card, or your parents wanted to praise you (few & far between or you’d become ‘spoiled’) they’d bake you a cake or Dad put everyone in the station wagon for an ice cream excursion. For many the Church held social events like Pot Luck suppers. If your school needed funds they held a ‘bake sale’ Candy, sweets of any kind meant you where a good kid, worthy of a reward. Often times your 1st romantic date involved going out for Pizza or a meal. Many of us relate love, reward even joy from those early shared memories with those we loved around the kitchen table. Comfort foods got their name for a reason. Every holiday had foods/sweets attatched to it from Easter candy, to Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Dinner, Memorial Day & Labor Day cook outs. When you got Baptized, Bar Mizfared, 1st Holy Communion & Confirmation right down to Funerals & Wedding meals. All our stressful major life events, wrapped up in food & relatives. Its no wonder so many of our earliest memories had food as a big part of them. Why does it surprise us that when we’re anxious or depressed we EAT. It’s what we know, we’ve had a lifetime of practice. Food is 1 of the few addictions that you can’t just stop. We need to eat to live, not live to eat. Sadly many of our worst memories involve relatives, family as well as food. There’s a reason why the ‘Holiday Season’ is known as the most depressing time of the year. The most suicides. Depressed people tend to overindulge in food, alcohol or drugs. This is big stuff & I’m really hoping one of your videos gives a better understanding of how we can ‘make ourselves happy’ without involving food. It’s easy for some to say “Get exercise, you’ll get great results & feel better too” When one is depressed, it’s hard enough to get out of bed. I am so looking forward to your guidance. Peace…

  • Hello Brittaney

    I tap with you just finishing a box of chocolate, so was wonderful not to blame myself and I remember when I was seven years old going with my father to the market and having money to buy candy and eating all of them, it was a nice experience to remember that time and knowing I don`t have to finish all the chocolates, bless you

  • Hi Nick I hope Brittany doesn't mind if I comment on your ??'s. In the EFT community many of us help out when something rings true for us. I just wanted U to know that U can absolutely use EFT to completely rid yourself of any Anxiety/Panic attacks etc. I had a history of over 20 years, flashback/PTSD (military) nightmares etc. I'd wake up screaming soaking wet from horrible nightmares. My days just as miserable, couldn't be around people, social anxiety. About 5 yrs ago I was desperate, searching the Internet for anything that would help. I read that Gary Craig was looking for Disabled Vets with PTSD for this new 'tapping thing, EFT' Long story short I went to Ca for a week of intensive EFT with some other war vets. Everyone of us had good results. In fact it was filmed for a documentary. It will be 4 years in March and I have NEVER had another flashback/nightmare since! I no longer get panic attacks, in fact when I get the slightest bit anxious I just Tap & say "I choose to feel Calm & relaxed' Works every time! If U are willing to do the work, tap every day, You can get your life back. By the way, one of mankind's greatest fears is 'We're not good enough'. EFT will show U that U can accept yourself. Once U get yourself back in the groove, U won't care what ANYBODY thinks! Peace!

  • I have done tapping before but not for a food craving. Dark chocolate is a biggy for me. At first I could not find a memory. Came back to your video later and a memory did pop up of this amazing creamy chocolate pudding my mom baked as a kid and all the textures came back and to my surprise there were a few emotions connected to this event. I felt comfort, love, being seen and heard through my mother knowing I loved this food. Initially I cried with this memory so it did not feel happy at first but once that feeling passed I could allow those feeling associations to be there without sadness. I had to do this video over to get to zero but I did get to zero and felt no desire for the chocolate when smelling it. Time will tell if this holds or if I need to do it over again. Thankyou so much for this video! I suspect all food cravings have a similar emotional feel so just wondering if the emotion is satisfied and integrated will I need to go thru all the separate food cravings?

  • Great.How about tapping under the armpit and finally on top of the head?

    • Please use them.. I left them out on this video because it was difficult to capture on film. But if you are used to using them, please include them in the sequence.

  • I like your EFT teaching approach better than some of the others. Your techniques is very thorough, taking into consideration the fear of giving up the addiction/craving. I will try it daily for a week for my sugar and coffee addictions. Thank you.

  • Hi Brittany,
    I’ve dabbled a bit in tapping and really want it to work but after just following your video, I’m still craving ice cream. I want the cold smooth creamy feeling on my tongue. The only reason I’m not having one more scoop is because I don’t want to eat it all on my dad. I am wondering if deep down I just feel like my cravings are too deeply rooted. When I do eat things I shouldn’t, mostly at night, it’s like I’m not conscious…I can’t even wait 15 minutes to take a carb blocker pill before I eat something I shouldn’t…I also eat to feel full….a bite of something sweet or salty (I often crave both) never seems enough. Thoughts?

  • It really worked I wish I can learn more of the tapping for help in falling asleep

  • when you asked us to grab some food we crave for, I chose a bar of chocolate that I adore, and that I had with me and wanted very much to eat it. When I thought about the memories associated with this chocolate, I discovered that it was the very same bar of chocolate that my mother used to bring to me once a week, on Mondays, when she closed her hairdressing shop and went shopping (alone) and when she came back she always had a chocolate for me and my sister. My mother passed away 21 years ago, and I’ve never overcome the grief, I still cry with every movie where a mother gets ill, and I cried a lot while doing the tapping exercise with you. At the second time you asked us to taste the food, I had zero craving for it. I smelled it and didn’t understand what had made me want it so much. I feel this experience has been very strong for me, I hope the results last.

  • Thank you, I have used EFT for other life challenges and had great results. I went from an 8 to 0, couldn’t wait to throw the ice cream in the trash!!

  • hmmm, did not know what to expect….interesting. just did not have my food in front of me, but will be trying when i have. will certainly let you know how it goes, but looks like it might work. i have issue with portions, so hoping it will help. thank you.

  • It has really worked. Thank you a lot for sharing this.

  • When I focused on the first memory it was of my mother’s chocolate cake, the best in the world, and suddenly all this sorrow welled up missing my mom so much. She passed 17yrs ago. I’m still crying even after the video and all the tapping is done. Guess this is what I really need to tap on. I see my craving isn’t really for the chocolate. 30yrs ago I had a “daily need” for a Hershey’s bar and after an 8 week rotation elimination diet the need was gone and honestly I can resist it if I want to and have many times since. I really need my mom right now. I feel so alone.

    • Deborah, ask for a friend or loved one to come be with you.. If you are feeling sad, ask for help..

      Love to you from me ~~~~~~


  • I didn’t have any ice cream or popsicles in the house to test myself with. I don’t trust myself after eating 12 popsicles in one day a week ago!
    This felt good and I love the idea that I might not have to give up ice cream and popsicles completely.
    Thank you!

  • Thanks a lot. You-re doing something great. Marie France

  • What I really look for is to overcome terrible tension, feeling panicky, fear of flying and most of all to accept myself fully and not worry what certain people think of me or say to me.

  • I used potato chips,and your technique was very effective.
    You come across very sincere,Thank You Brittany.

  • I found that my cravings for crackers and cheese went away. Seems too easy to be working, but I’m desperate enough to believe it can work.

  • Wondering if this will work for alcohol cravings as well. Also for treatment of nervosa/bulimia?
    Thanks for a great video.

    • Hi marrianne, the 3rd video addresses this issue slightly, but please always ask for help from a qualified health care provider.

  • I have regressed to early memories before but not with the tapping. I’m hoping that will make a difference over time. I just completed you video and feel no cravings at this moment. I’ll get back to you in a few days.

  • I adore it… I will try it for sugar… I’m craving for it. Thank you

  • Great work you are offering.. You are proof that not only does this technique work well, anyone can do it. People like you assist willing souls to change their lives, with no scarcity mentality on your part:-) .. All is not lost

  • Thanks so much Brittany for sharing with us. I started out with an 8 craving, sitting here with my favorite chocolate bar in front of me and having taken a tiny nibble to get the feel. I gradually went down to feeling not bothered about having any more of it..which I guess would be a zero…it still smelled gorgeous and I could imagine the wonderful creamy feeling and sweet chocolatey taste, but I was quite happy to wrap it up and put it in the kitchen.
    At the beginning I so identified with that feeling of having to have some and being out of control, but at the end I felt calm and as if it was a decision I could easily make not to eat any more.
    So far so good.

    Thanks again,

  • I practise EFT and other energy techniques: wonderful presentation – Thank you!

  • Thank you Brittany for this wonderful technique. You make it look so easy and tap into all the mind’s what ifs. I could feel the difference immediately! Do you recommend doing this when the craving arises or on a consistent basis? Would this same approach work dealing with fear? Thanks so much and looking forward you next video.

  • Sure hope this works, I am trying really hard to change my life and eat healthy. I have lost 30 pounds in the last year but it has been really hard and a lot of work so I am ready to give this a try.

  • I have done EFT for other things, but never really made the effort to get started with the cravings for food. Mine is actually ice cream. I am under a lot of stress right now, and having that ice cream really makes me feel better. My memory went back to eating ice cream with my dad…we did it almost every night. I was able to put it back in the freezer before I ate the whole thing. I will continue to work on this and renew my knowledge of EFT in general. Thanks for sharing this, I will look forward to getting myself back into control and enjoying ice cream for special occasions.

  • I have done EFT in the past, but never went to the place where the feeling first started from. Thank you for that!!!
    I used to eat Frito’s with my Dad and that was a happy time. He was very hard to get close to and used anger a lot around us. Eating snacks was a calm time. So interesting to think of that.

  • Hello Brittany,

    Thank You for this demostration – I’m working late today so when I get home I will use your technique. I’m 70 lbs over weight. I have use the EFT for my anxiety due to my son being in the war zone and it has helped me a great deal.

    Be Healthy, Happy, Safe & Strong,

  • I am having trouble loosing weight I do not eat junk food , I do a lot of exercise but I want to shift 2 stone and do not seem to be able to.

    great video

  • Brittany,

    I heard about this from the Nick Ortner email…and I know lots about EFT, have tried to practice it…struggled with that…but for some reason your video…for me cravings are both ice cream and chocolate….really helped and worked I think!…I am amazed and thrilled and at the same time scared to get to excited. Your website looks very interesting and I look forward to the next video.

  • Could you please make your Vids Android compatable.

  • Coffee has been one of my weaknesses ( among Many) for the past several years. I tapped along with you in the video substituting coffee and by the end, smelling it repulsed me! Wow……..never thought that would happen. I'm a new believer! Thank you sooooooo much.

    Now moving on to the others addictions…….. :)

    Love, peace and blessings to you.

  • Interesting! Ice cream is my craving!

  • I learned about EFT from Nick Ortner’s 2nd World Tapping Summit to which I subscribed and studied all the materials. He is the one who sent me the link to this video. I was intrigued because I also suffer from chocolate addiction, At this moment after following you on the video, I have 0 chocolate craving. I know this system works and I hope to use it with other food cravings. Thanks! I’ll look forward to the next two videos.

  • Thank you for this video. My craving is for wine with cheese and crackers or other food that goes with my wine. Like chips and dip. Wine with dinner. Will this work for my craving?
    I have two to three glasses per day. I don’t get drunk but I do like the feeling it gives me. I don’t drink anymore then that because I don’t want anymore,

  • Brittany Thank you so much for sharing this tapping for food cravings can’t wait for the next one’s I have a real bad problem with carbs bread pasta potatoes and I love the taste of the melting butter on them! I did the tapping for carbs and it went down from a 10 to 0 I know that I will have to do it more then once But It feels like I can manage my portions better
    My Mother was Italian and home made pasta, bread, and the meatballs and sauce Very happy childhood memories and now as an adult I want to please all my friends and family with food
    Thanks for a way to control this I now feel that I can tap before a party or late at night when I can’t sleep and not go for the carbs

    • Great Mary! im so glad the video helped you!

  • I have been doing EFT for years and am a practitioner myself but I loved your take on this. Well done you! Brilliant.
    Wishing you every success, you deserve it
    Sue xx

  • First of all, I sent this to a good friend thinking it could help him a lot. Then, while listening to the video I realised it could be good for me too. And it was indeed.
    I haven’t been eating chips for a while because of my poor liver condition. My frustration is so important since that I thought I could use the tapping to get rid of it.
    And it works.
    Many thanks. Your video is quite clear and easy to follow.

  • Thanks Brittany, I learned about EFT several years ago but kind of forgot about it in all the rush of looking after my two small children. This video was just what I needed as my sugar cravings but specifically chocolate cravings have been getting out of control. Probably something to do with chronic sleep deprivation but it has been feeling like an addiction. Your video was a lovely generous gift and worked like a dream. Thank you!

  • I DID MY TAPPING ON ICE CREAM.The number went down to three. However I have a question, Why did
    you not tap under the arm and on top of the head a I have seen other presenter do?

    • Hi Jeannine! Great question! The under arm and top of the head points were difficult to capture on film. I would definitely include them in your sequence if you are used to tapping that way. :-)

      Happy tapping!


  • I was introduced to EFT by Jackie from Peer Trainer. I was reluctant about it but it has helped me cope with stressful events.

    My craving went from 8 to 0. Nuts not chocolate is my downfall…

    Even though this seems to good to be true…thanks.

  • thank you so much for this! wonderful!

  • Your story pretty much unfolded exactly the same for me many years ago. Thank you for this message. Now I have something I can work with to help me release some of the cravings I have, now it makes sense. I will do also your tapping script. Many thanks.

  • I had purchased the tapping instruction manual years ago, but never really used the technique for more than a day or so. I have been going to therapy for a few months regarding my food addiction, and when I got the email to watch this video, I was interested and watched it. It really hit home and made sense when you said to think about the first time I had eaten this food. It brought back that feeling of comfort and “home”. Thank you – I am going to try it again!

  • Thanks for the Craving video! Really looking forward to the other videos to arrive! :)

  • Check it out Flora….it's great….just 10 minutes of tapping and the cravings are gone….

  • Brittany, excellent video! fabulous content and thank you for sharing this incredible work! I can't wait to spread the word about it! xoxoxo

  • Seriously?? I have a serious addiction to sugar !! I have to check this out !!

  • Have been doing the craving video for about a week now. I had 2 pieces of fudge in the fridge and they were still there a few days later and when I ate one, I was ok….no feeling of being controlled by this substance….

  • I have been doing eft with a trained in structure. Saw this and thought I should sign up for this also just to see if this helps also. At this point my bigger problems are pain mgt, but I am always trying new things to help me with my weight problems. Thanks, Pam

  • I am really impressed by the generosity of EFT practitioners and their generosity in sharing their techniques. It is really a gift to so many. Thank you. The exercises felt wonderful. I especially liked the bit about the doubts at the end. I have known about EFT for a while but haven’t felt so successful with it. I am hopeful it can do more than I realized to help me with my cravings Thank you again. Kathleen LeBlanc Vvictoria, B.C. P.S. I really am interested after the marathon yesterday in doing your course but am concerned about timing as i just signed up for another 6 week EFT course that starts next week. Will the live sessions be available if one can’t be there for them?

  • Thank you!!! I love EFT, but haven’t done any in a while. Needed help with my chocolate binges. Feel much more in control now.

  • i hope this works. i have done it before and it seemed to work somewhat. but it came back. how often do I have to do this.

  • I love your videos! You are so easy to follow. I ate 3 snickerdoodles and realized maybe I should try your video at that moment, not “some other time”. I can eat 5 or 6 at a time if I let myself. I realized the joy is in the fact that I made the yummy treat myself. I have been baking since I was probably 6 or 7. It was a way for me to feel in control and dependable. It won me love and affection. The thing I noticed most as I tapped along was the smell of the cookies. The cinnamon and sugar started out as intoxicating at first, but by the end smelled more like a Glade plug in. Thanks for the how-to. I have been tapping for years, but your guide was easy, clear, and full of great affirmations. Great results, better than tapping on my own.

  • Hi Britanny,
    I think I’m in control now. Can decide to eat or not eat as I so decide. Cheers!

  • Hi Brittany,
    I know EFT about 4 years , but I never found the right words te say. 4 days ago, I tapped all three of your videos, specialy about sabotages and I last allready 2 kilos. So I am very gratefull to you because I have to loose many moore. But now I have a grate help. thank you very much!

  • Hi Brittany, unfortunately your first video misses a huge group of people who associate the craving for food with a negative memory. The association for the craving for a lot of women I know is because they used food to suppress the negative memory to feel in control. I am hoping you tackle this in your next video because the current video you have released doesn't tackle this. Many thanks

  • Hi Brittany! I just completed video 1. I would like to say that I want to think of myself as a positive person but a lot of times I found myself being very negative. The last tapping touches on this: I want to believe but at the same time I think it is so easy to be true. I have tried tapping before but I stopped when I was pregnant, I think I did overcome some emotions related to my father but not my main problem which is the weight gain. I do not have an addiction to something in particular and I don't binge, so how could I direct my tapping if these issues are not my main problem. I don't even think I overeat! Any suggestions? The only thing I found is that I really like soda but I have been able to not drink it when I decide to, maybe bread? Just let me know if anything that could help goes through your mind.

  • Interesting…when we started this I used chips at first, then when you took us back to a time we felt happy eating this food, I remembered when I was a teenager. I was with my friends and we were eating french fries, hamburgers, chips, etc (fast foods in general) and just being carefree! The feeling of being carefree…laughing, no worries…became really huge! So tapping on that feeling made the difference. At the end, I really did feel a shift occur! Can't wait to test out it's permanence.

  • Brilliant. I love EFT and this is very clearly presented. Thanks

  • Believing is seeing! Thanks Universe for sending the ones who are enlightening the many who are looking for Light! We so appreciate this information to improve our emotional structure. We who are interested in "these things" are Pioneers in this remerging Energy Medicine. Blessings on US ALL ONE.

  • Wow you just had me in tears! My loving grandma was in my picture loaded with cake and sandwiches, thanks for helping me make the link, off to try again as I'm still at a 2. =)

  • Brittany, I love your CDs. I have followed through using your technique, and I am impressed how they abate my desire for comfort foods. Now I have been using EFT for about 5 years and am surprised each and everytime that I use it with someone or even myself that it actually works. However, realizing that even though I may be tapping somewhere around a accupressure point, I don’t think that is the operative element for change. The actual element for change is paradoxical acceptance. That is you are doing just the opposite of what seems intuitive. Usually, what is intuitive is resistance to the pain or emotion. But the paradoxical acceptance is more like accepting it, allowing or enjoying it. This is why you go through the process of setting up the emotion from the memory of the feeling, the imagery, the taste, the sound and the smell during the pre-talk. Then you begin the set-up tapping on the krate chop area (forget the sore point on the chest wall), allowing and directing yourself to forgive yourself for the emotions generated throuh memory. While that is fresh on your mind, you forcus on every negative aspect, it is okay, forcus with the words that keeps you centered on the feelings, the sight, the sound, the taste and the smell. As you forcus the feelings diminish as do the sight, sound, taste and smell, to the point that i is not longer there. It is not the tapping per se, but the acceptance. So it works. I have learned several aspects of energetic healing; often times the only thing in common is the paradoxical acceptance. And they all work equally well. Paradoxical Accptance is my words copyrighted for my process.

  • Hi Brittany,
    Another great EFT video! CHEESE was about a 10 for me and now 0…I still have my little piece of cheese sitting in front of me! That would have never happened before. My memories were just wonderful times of plenty, love and family gatherings and my love of travel, trying every countries different types of cheese…was always first on my travel list of to do’s…I like that I don’t give it up all together but I feel again “in control” a sample will be wonderful. And now I don’t “need” it- I would sit and eat a block of cheese in two days! I’m allergic to milk also :) and sometimes start to itch or even hives went I’d gone too far :( Cheese was my reward for many things :( Thank you so much I’m really having a great day thanks to you… I really enjoy Dawson Church’s replies tech. stuff…

  • That was cool, the kids and I enjoyed this video. I look forward to video 2. I was wondering Brittany if you have an EFT for bed/clothing wetting? (for a child). Thanks for sharing this info. :)

  • I was a skeptic…but my craving is nil after watching the video. Thanks, I'll have to investigate this approach more fully.

  • By the time I watched this video and did the tapping twice, my craving went to a ZERO! Praise the Lord! I know tapping works.

  • I was immediately back in time 50+ years in the kitchen with my grand mother surrounded by love and food and warm memories. Tears calmly streamed as I realized I can remember and feel her love without eating all the tasty food she cooked.

  • Very interesting, Brittany, may I translate the transcript to Portuguese and release in my web site ( and Facebook? I run a Center in Brazil and we help people with anxiety, depression, obesity problems, I’m trying it with them next week.
    also I want to learn more, Tks a lot!

    • Great Silvana,

      I hope it helps your patients!

  • Hi Brittany,
    I'm no stranger to EFT. I have used it to conquer my alcohol abuse. Several people from all over the world have sent me pleas to use my phrases to curb their habits of addiction, and in turn have sent me their results. However, since during my life I have given up cigarettes, sugar and alcohol, I think I was panic about giving up the last thing that I think makes me happy. Your video has hit that mark, inside my brain, that reminds me high fat/ high carb does not equal "happy". Thank you.

  • Hi, Brittany,
    I just tapped and my craving for cheese, went from 5 to 0! I'm 16 pounds overweight and the technique you used made me go back to a time when I went to my grandfather's farm where I had delicious food. At this time Iwas 7 years old and had trouble eating, I almost did not eat, my parents took me to the pediatrician for me to take a drug to increase my desire to eat. My parents fought a lot ( 7 years after they were divorced) in my house and the food were in short supply and always the same recipes. But on the farm there was always joy, swiming pool, horses, family, games and delicious food.Thank you so much for your help.I know now that when a feel alone I'm just trying to go back in time when things were so happy and joyfull! Congratulations! I'm from Brasil.

  • Thank you Brittany! I, too, have clients who are struggling with their weight. And although weight loss hasn't been my EFT specialty, I have begun to gather and write scripts for them. This one is fabulous, and I sent your link to one of my clients. One of the things I love best about EFT is the collaborative feeling amongst practitioners – share, share, share!

  • Initially I felt a bit left out and wondered if this would help me because I didn’t have a good memory come up associated with the food I crave. I’m glad I read the comments though, because your reply, Brittany, to Sandi’s comment about her mother doling out rationed treats, and the anger and rebellion that can trigger – that ding donged with me so much it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! It explains the angry feelings I associate with times when I eat stuff I crave. This is a huge insight for me, and now I have real hope I will make real progress now I know what’s going on with me. Thank you so much, Brittany.

  • Hi Brittany, thank you for your contribution to EFT. I use EFT in my hypnosis clinic for pain relief, stress and cravings with varied success. One of the problem areas for me is getting my client to feel a SUDS level when they aren't feeling a craving. I still go through the tapping but it seems rather anti climactic since the craving wasn't strong to begin with. Any thoughts on this?

  • hi Brittany, I just wanted to thank you. I watched the video out of curiosity and I realised that your energy is very positive and that by the end of the video I felt relaxed. It also reminded me of things I should work on, even though I don’t have problems with compulsive eating. It is inspireing! Thank you and I’m waiting for your next video.

    • Thank you alex! Im glad you are enjoying the videos :-)

  • Loved it, it worked.

  • Brittany, I just used the Cravings video for the first time. Before this morning, I never realized my out of control cravings for chips and pepsi stemmed from my childhood. Every Friday night was treat night in our house. It was the only night where everyone got along and we all ate chips and drank sodas while watching our favorite tv programs together. I've been trying to recapture those feelings my whole life. I've used EFT in other areas and have experienced amazing results. Looking forward to using your videos! Thank you so much for the eye opening tap!

  • Looooove this!!!

    Thank you so much, Brittany, for walking us through this! My craving for brownies, which was associated with having friends that loved me and being myself, went from a 10, to a 7, to a 2, to a 0. The additional tapping really helped!!

    So much love,

  • For the first time, I feel hopeful about controlling sweets, when I feel like I want a quick fix, to my emotions. Its not good for me and I need to lose weight, but this may work. Thank you for feeling hopeful Brittany.

  • Hypnosis worked for me with weight loss in the past but finding a good hypnotherapist that works for me today has been a challenge. Love how EFT is something I can do for myself. I am excited to try it and have added to my daily calendar, thank you!

  • I understand Yunus, thanks for your feedback. You can download the script at the bottom of the video and change the words to match anything you crave. For overall sugar cravings I like to use the phrase: (even though I have the need to be sweet to myself with sweets…) We tend to reward ourselves with sweets when we need “sweetness” in our lives… Try and it and give me your feedback :-)

  • Awesome, my cravings went from a 9 down to a 1, but how often should E F T be done a day ?

    • You can do EFT as often as you want! I use it every day! I always tell people to tap any time they have a craving for unhealthy food.

  • Thank you for your free video, I work out eat well, then I blow it all by having a binge on sweets and chocolate, I then find it hard to stop having sugar. I have just done the tapping so looking foreward to be able to control my sugar craving. Also your next video

  • Wow I can’t believe how easy that was!

    For me it’s always been chips, corn chips etc, and I could never figure out why. As soon as you asked me to think about the food the memory came immediately, it was so quick I doubted it for a moment. In a very abusive and unhappy home one of the few happy family times we shared was watching disney movies and eating corn chips on a sunday night. The craving for them started at an 8 then down to a 0.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of your program in the hopes it can help me with the emotional damage of growing up in such troubled environment.


  • Thank you for that video I have tried tapping beforeon sugar but haven’t been successful but feel this time it might be time will tell

  • I'm not sure how this is working yet. Do I need to be real specific about the craving or can I say "carbs" as a general craving. most of my childhood food memories were about "white flour or starchy" foods….breads, potatoes, pretzels, pizza, etc. Will saying"carbs" work as effectively?

  • I have been studying and practicing energy tapping for the past 3 years. I am delighted at how you were able to pull together so many aspects so succinctly and naturally. You are a talented practitioner and
    I have just thrown my chocolate into the trash which is unheard of in my life! Thanks for making this available for all.

  • I’ve used EFT before but found the choice of words and video more helpful than I have in the past. Thank you!

  • I realized there is a lot of sadness underneath the cravings-mine are for junk foods. So I think this was a great start. I have been doing eft for the past few years–your words are very direct and helpful maybe because I have studied Geneen Roth’s information too. So thank you-I will keep working with your video and look forward to the next one. : )

  • Thank you, Brittany – it's great watching others tap. I tapped on nicotine rather than food craving and the early positive memory came almost instantly – like the new association! Curious – why omit the gamut point, eye movements, counting, and humming?

  • I can’t have Hellman’s Real Mayo in my house because I put it on everything, really load it up. I dip things into it–I love it.
    The love goes back to when my mom made my sandwiches for school and she loaded on the mayo.
    My craving at first was a 9 because I had plans for the jar of mayo after this video.
    At first I tasted the creaminess and good flavor.
    At the end of the video my craving was 0-1 but what I tasted was the oiliness of the mayo and I was turned off by this. Also what came to mind were the other, healthier oils that make me feel much better after I’ve eaten them!!
    I no longer wanted to run in and put this on something that I was going to eat!
    Now I’m felling like I wasted my money buying this jar of mayo.
    Thank you, I didn’t think EFT would stand up to mayo.

  • I realized that my love and craving for chocolate chip cookies related to when my children were little and my husband’s grandmother would visit. We would make cookies together and the entire process was wonderful plus the cookies were great! My children are grown and live far away and our Nannie passed a long time ago. I never thought about how my craving for chocolate chip cookies related to this special time in my life. I started at an 8 and was down to a zero by the end of the tapping. How remarkable! I am currently on a weight release program, so the tapping will help a lot. Thanks for offering this as a freebie! You are a talented and lovely young woman with a good story. I look forward to the next segments!

  • I might adapt this for mindless eating. I don't have cravings and don't eat that much junk. But my portion sizes are often too big and I often go back for seconds. Then I beat myself up later for having such a big lunch or dinner.

  • Hey Brittany, I’m new to the concept of Tapping. I gotto know abt it when afriend healed my severe headache – she did not let me take a medicine! and I was surprised my head vanished! I have usually binge at night, while watching tv. Next day I end up feeling guilty – my weakness for potato chips or anything dry and spicy. I tapped along with you and could mange to kill the craving for tonight :) Thanks!
    Love, Sup.

    • Awesome Sup! Keep tapping!! :-)

  • Hello Brittany, Thanks for publishing this video. For the first time i realized why i was so much craving for cakes and cookiesl. In my childhood i was very attached to my mother and didn’t want to go to sthe chool. Everyday after coming back home from the school my mother had cakes for me. I think they represent my mother’s love to me, and thus they make me feel safe and “at home”. That has been a very big and surprising discovery.
    While watching the video i did the exercises together with you, and it seems it really has worked. In a way you descover the real food as it is.
    Thanks again, and waiting already for the second video!

  • I tried this and it didn't seem to work, I don't want to give up though…for me it's not so much that I crave certain foods, well maybe it is, but I seem to have an insatiable appetite…Any advice would be helpful!

  • I have been craving chocolate intensely lately. I figured that it was a result of the emotional and physical distress I have had. When I finished tapping with the video, I was amazed at how the chocolate still smelled and tasted good, but I didn’t want any more than that tiny taste. Thank you!

  • Looking forward to advising other people if I can

  • I went through it agin using a big trigger for me–warm squishy bread and jam–and I am blown away. I actually have a bad taste in my mouth now. I have been playing with EFT for a number of years around weight issues, and nothing has worked as well as this. It must be the addition of the actual food in the tapping sequence that is doing the trick for me. Thank you sooooo much!! Much love and success to you.

  • I've used EFT sporadically in the past for a variety of issues, but have never stuck with it long enough to see great results. I love how this session was so targeted to cravings and not just generic to weight loss. I hope to be borrowing benefits for all my cravings. Looking forward to seeing your video on Sabotage soon. That's where one of my biggest pitfalls lies and I can't wait to have a tool to help me.

  • I am newer to tapping, but have had some successes. I used your example for chocolate and tapped along. My craving went up a bit and then went down. I am convinced tapping as a useful tool and am excited to try it for other foods as well. Looking forward to more videos from you. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for the video!!! I have been tapping for one week and I have notice a lot of changes on my food habits. Now I am in control of food and food does NOT control me. I used to crave sweets and saltys and in this week I haven’t craved anything nor have the feeling for craving!! Your video help me also to realize some other things I have to tap on. Today I was working on something I have to finish today so I felt pressure and the feelings of craving began, so I tapped for the cravings and the feelings vanished… (I have to work on why pressure makes craving feelings come back, I have to find the core issue, but for the moment tapping on cravings worked).
    Thankyou for sharing your video!!!! It really helped me!!! And I hope to soon see the next one.

  • I did the procedure and it seemed to work. The proof of the effectiveness for me is it the cravings are less when I eat next. I am expecting the procedure to minimize my cravings. Time will tell. Thanks,

    • Keep us posted on your progress. Let us know what your craving level was for the current issues. Then how it changes.

  • How can I learn more about EFT. I would like to use these methods in my natural health practice–thank so much! Brittany you are adorable!

  • My craving was for butter and at the beginning the taste and texture were delicious. When I tasted it at the end of the last tapping sequence, it just felt like grease with no taste. Bleh! Amazing. Thank you! I am really looking forward to your next video.

  • Thank you for the presentation. Very inspiring. The challenge for me has been that I deliberately stop myself from doing anything to stop craving whether tapping or any other tool, saying to myself, "Why would I want to deprive myself? Why not enjoy it?" Obviously I often have hard times distinguishing when it is just a healthy wanting/indulging or a "craving" that is caused by an underlying emotion. So I am really looking forward to this video series to get a new insight/inspiration.

  • Great! I can't wait. :) Enjoy your weekend.

  • Wow Brittany! I feel like I've found my twin sister! I'm also an EFT practitioner that works with food and weight issues with my clients! Excellent video..Congratulations on your launch and I wish you ALL the best. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Thank you Brittany. It works.

  • Hello Brittany, from sunny (not) London, England. While watching your video I realised where my addiction to nuts, particularly hazelnuts came from. I have been doing tapping for years now (and everybody thinks I am completely weird, most people in England are suspicious of things like that…) but it somehow kept slipping under the radar. My grandmother, a wonderful, kind, tolerant woman would on occasion give me a hammer and some hazelnuts in their shells and we would have a great time cracking them open and it felt like finding treasure. This was such a treat as most other people in my young life were very hard, demanding and impossible to please; and certainly not into finding nutty treasures! Your video came at a perfect time for me, as I have decided to get the figure I have always wanted and am determined to do so this time! Thank you so much. Sylvia

  • Thanks for sharing Brittany, you are a dynamic EFTer, will forward this to friend who has a craving. I am learning the art myself and love the results I see with EFT. Look froward to more!

  • Thank you Brittanny, I have done EFT for years now and your explanation on EFT was so good. My craving for chocolate has certainly left me. Very well done.

  • Yes, I have an awesome strategy for portion control. Week 2 is all about that. The Naturally Slim Eating Strategy.. You'll love it! :-)

  • Youre welcome Anna! Keep us posted on your cravings! It will be fun to check them in a week or so.. :-)

  • Thats great dennis, yes, please share with anyone you think it will help. :-)

  • ohhh! Did you tap on the aspect of the chocolate and peanut butter together?? A common favorite for sure! :-0

  • Thank you for the nice compliments carla, yes, please use the video with your clients! Free information for the world, pass it along!! :-)

  • Im so happy it helped Judy!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Use any points you are used to using. The bra and head points are hard to capture on film which is why we left them out. ;-)

  • Hi Sonal, for overall sugar cravings, check out my response to Yunus Muhammad Chaudhry

  • Wow! What a shift you had suzanne! Thank you so much for sharing! :-)

  • Its AWSOME! Thank you a lot Brittany you help me!

  • Thank you so much, Brittany. This is such a simple technique. I’m looking forward to using it on other things as well.

    I’ve been a Pepsi One-aholic for years. I think the technique is already affecting my cravings. I’ll definitely keep it up for several days to see if I notice a permanent decrease in my “need” to have a Pepsi!

    Thanks again!

    • You are welcome Brenda! Keep us posted! :-)

  • I will share this session with a retired sheriff friend of mind who is very, VERY worried about his morbid obesity. I know this will help him and give him the tools he needs. Thank you, Brittany!

  • Excellent video. Your personality and presents is a huge contribution to a very wonderful technique. I am a hypnotherapist and have taken the original full 59 DVD course from Gary Craig. Using EFT along with hypnosis is the single most powerful technique I have found. It also works quite well in normal waking consciousness. I think that the dynamic of the presenter is also a significant factor especially in an initial presentation. And at that you certainly excel. You also have a concept of this technique at a level much deeper that the surface. Your response to Yunus shows that very well. All I can say at this point is “go girl go,” you have a great deal to deliver to humanity and the personal attributes to do just exactly that.

    • well well Ray.. You certainly know how to put a smile on a girls face! Thanks for cheering me on.. I agree, I continue to be fascinated by this wonderful technique. I’ve been working with it from the time I was a teenager. I was been lucky enough to study under a truly masterful EFT practitioner, Steven Kessler I blame him for all my knowledge ;-)

  • ¡Gracias! Lo voy a usar con mis clientes, Brittanny eres geni-almente generosa

    • de nada Flacro (sorry, thats all I got… my spanish sucks) ;-)

  • Thanks, Brittany. I will try this.

  • video won't play. page just keeps refreshing. Support email does not work either. Have used multiple browsers. Help please.

  • Thank you. I have been binging daily on 6-10 chocolate bars (6 today) for the last couple of months. I buy them by the box of 36. Walk 5-7 miles, 10-20 flights of stairs and bicycle daily to offset the intake.
    Started with a 10 before tapping and now a 0. Thank you.
    Looking forward to your future info.

    • Wow Rusty! What a feat! I had the exact same patterns… Eat a lot and Exercise a lot.. Unfortunately it burned me out.. Adrenal fatigue! Something that ive been struggling with over the past 12 months. Yuck! Be careful not to do the same.. I think you will like the 6-week program a lot.. I created it coming from a very similar space. Take care and be kind to your body..

  • What about the tapping points on the head and the bra's side.

  • I have used EFT for many years now. I have had some great success, but when you said I didn't have to give my food up (my favorite scoth) it really rtuck home. Wow! what a difference. Thanks for the insight!

  • I have been working with energy systems (TaiChi, Qigong) extensively for 3 years and off and on for 30 years. I have done a little EFT but your email and new take has renewed my interest. I have been particularly struggling with late night eating so I will now aggressively work on this. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Great Edward! Im so happy to hear that.. The world needs more tappers! :-)

  • Congratulations, Brittany! Skinny Genes is amazing and so are you. It was a pleasure having you in my EFT class years ago and to see how your commitment to help others out of their weight/body image issues, has grown into such a cool and smart program! I admire your dedication to “keeping it real” and making Skinny Genes such an easy, effective and fun way to create positive life change. Keep up the great work!
    Robin Eiko Yoshida

    • Thanks so much Robin! You are truly a gifted teacher and masterful practitioner.. I gained so much from your class and sessions over the years.. Thank you for the support and being such a great mentor to me… :-) Love and Hugs!!!

  • Thanks Brittany! I'd really love to watch the video. I often give in to cravings for sugary foods. :)

  • This was fantastic, simply fantastic.
    I do not have a chocolate craving, but I have been doing energy medicine (TAT) for years for a craving for negativity (negativity could be called food for the ego), seeing a person, thing, situation in a negative light, judging them as less than or wrong.
    When you’re wording was about how good chocolate made a person feel, I replaced it with how horrible I feel when I see myself thinking about a person, thing or situation in a negative way. I was as though I could not help it. Those just plain mean and nasty negative feelings.
    I did pick one influencing person in my past who is like was/is like this, who I was always very afraid of and felt very small around, even just thinking about the person.
    Amazingly, after following along, when I think of that person I now feel big, untouchable, not afraid and as though I am being pulled in a very positive direction.
    Thank you so much for posting this for free.
    I am going to watch again and work on the craving for anxiety. Then the craving for my one cigarette a day.
    It occurred to me your delivery of the EFT is breaking my identification with the thing, whether it is a food, an emotional, a person, a situation, a dynamic with another person, a place.
    Really, really fantastic job. What an extraordinary gift you have given for the evolution of human beings.

  • Thanks for this approach. I’ve been tapping on my food issues for a while, but linking cravings to positive experiences was something that I hadn’t thought of. I look forward to the next segment.

  • Hi Brittanny,

    thank you for the first session of skinnyjeans. I feel calm and relaxed. normally I feel needy and start looking for cigarettes, sweet things or alcohol. I am gong to put this to the test tomorrow so …… I will be back. Can’t wait for he next tapping session with you. namaste Laura x

  • Brittany, thoughts and feelings that kept coming to me were not happy ones. My mother “doled” out any kind of treats, and in very small amounts. I find that keeps popping into my head. I did search for a good one, but wonder how you would respond to those thoughts. Thank you for doing this! I have faith it will help even if the other memory is butting in.

    • Hi Sandi, great question, thank you for asking. You are not alone. Many of my clients will have bad memories come up when they grew up in situations where food was withheld or hidden. What I’ve found is that this scenario creates the need reward yourself with sweets later in life. However, this need is not coming from a place of positivity, it comes from a place of anger and resentment. If you follow this work closely, you may have heard Carol Look refers to this as “the rebel”. Here is a great article she wrote explaining the “refusal technique” and how to tap for it.

      I would use a set up phrase like: “even though I have this need to rebel with treats…”

      Hope this helps!

  • Thank you very much. It worked…I cried releasing memories associated with my parent’s love for me…of feeling somehow less lonely while eating anything sugar related…can’t wait for the next videos…

  • thank you…Britanny did a great job.
    Although familiar with EFT I had not tried
    remembering the “Positive past” in relationship
    to emotional eating. It helped me greatly.

    • Great Rhonda! SO glad it helped :-)

  • Hi Brittany,
    I just tapped along with you. It took me back to when I came from school and bought this bread of 8 pounds and still had to pick up the three liters of milk which the milkman left near the postbox on my way home. Still have to go up the hill about 500m. I'm proud to bring the bread and milk to feed my gorgeous elder brothers. My SUD is still a 10. My mouth is watering from the smell of the bread, it's hardly bearable.
    Then comes up the memory of so much beautiful food – fresh strawberry jam, bread and sugar, the taste, the warm air, the little white flowers, the bees, our big garden. Then I realize that this was all before life started to be a nightmare. And I would give literally erverything to be able walk up the hill in happiness once again. My SUD is 1.000.000 now. So I did the"Even if it was this way and I would give everything to have one half hour of this feeling again, I deeply and completly…." I cried a lot, continuously tapping. After 5 minutes the milion was reduced to 0. And the bread was a 0, too. Love to you, thanks a lot, Susanne.

  • It worked-”10″ to “.05″ in 60 seconds. :)!!!
    I had a flood of tears going back to the positive memories of home- made sweets. Sitting around the dinner table was the only time we weren’t working. It was usually pleasant and every meal ended in dessert.

    As the oldest child of seven, baking was my only “creative’ chore (amidst an overload of mundane responsiblilites) in a very work oriented, struggling mid- western German farm family. In high schol classmates knew me as an artist. I was discouraged ( well-meaning people) from being a “starving artist” and entered the business arena instead. I did OK, but I was so bored and restless and started job hopping.

    I believe the home- baked sweets challenge are 2-fold. I need(ed) sweetness in my life and I also need a creative outlet. Baking and eating “my art” is accepted by my German workaholic heritage. It’s safe, but unsatisfying. What I really need is to pursue a truly creative path without the fear of being judged as lazy ,non-productive and self-indulgent. The next time I get the urge to bake I’ll dig out my dusty art supplies or
    do some writing. I thought art was only OK if I had a broken leg, in the hospital, or in a wheel chair. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. 5 minute showers were an indulgence growing up.

    This baking has caused my husband and I to carry an excess of 75 pounds between the two of us. This could be the answer to getting to my ideal weight.

    Thank you Brittany, I look forward to the next session.
    PS: the .05 went to ’0″ when my cat stuck his nose in the cookie and I knew I could throw it away. :)

  • The craving I chose was cheese…….I am amazed at the difference already! I am so excited to have such a good tool to use now, and am looking forward to more and more progress……thank you so much, Brittany.

  • Last friday I began tapping for different kinds of cravings (some sweet and some salty) and I have notice that nos food does not control me. I find very useful your video because it gives me more ideas of how to tap. My goal is to loose weight, so I will keep tapping on different toughts. THANK YOU for sharing your vídeos!!! I will be waiting for the next one. ;)

  • thank you Brittany, it's clear, sincere, encouraging and very helpfull. I am an EFT practitionner in Lebanon and am trying to use it with clients that accept to do it. Your video can be amazing for them to "borrow benefits".

  • You Rock Brittany! Your story and program inspires me, I can relate and your program sounds promising. Cant wait to learn more.

    • Thanks steph! Glad you checked out the video!! You rock to yah little hottie :-p

  • Hello, I have the same issue with overeating nuts. Well and over eating. Portion control is tough. Also late at night.
    I’d love if you could reply to this comment and Maureen King’s

    • Hi Amber, thanks for your comment.. Weight and food issues are difficult, I spent many years trying to figure it out. I would call snacking at night and mindless eating “emotional eating”. It took me a long time to crack the code on using EFT for emotional eating, but I finally did. I posted a detailed protocol for it here:

      Let me know what you think! :-)

  • Hi Brittany,
    Thank you so much for the opportunity of viewing your video “Kick Your Cravings to the Curb.” I’m particularly interested in the clinical evidence you use to supports the statement:
    “EFT actually shifts your hormones and gene expression to support a healthy weight.”
    Clinical support is often beset with validity and reliability difficulties. Any help in this matter would be most welcome

    • Thanks DD for your great question! We’ve done a study of a single session of EFT, compared to a single talk therapy session. It’s “in press” at the oldest peer-reviewed psychiatry journal in N America, J of Nervous and Mental Disease. We examined the salivary (bioavailable) cortisol levels of 83 subjects before and after, and found a 14% drop in cortisol in the therapy and no treatment groups, but a significant 24% drop in cortisol in the EFT group (p < .05). Cortisol is the primary stress hormone, and a marker for dozens of stress-related diseases. If cortisol levels are reducing, the genes that code for cortisol are being silenced by the intervention, and we're now doing another study of a panel of stress genes to determine exactly which genes are affected and to what degree. The cortisol study also found a highly significant correlation between reductions in anxiety and depression, and changes in cortisol. That means that as your emotional state improves with EFT, your physiology responds. You can read abstracts of all the EFT research here:

      • P.S. I’m sure you know about the research linking overweight to high cortisol, especially the accumulation of fat in the belly area. The research shows EFT reducing cortisol, with its association with belly fat (and a host of diseases including osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular illness, and diabetes).

    • Hey DD! Thanks for your great question.. My partner Dawson Church is the “science guy” I’ll ask him to comment directly. Thanks for the post!! :-)

  • Love this video! As a holistic nutritionist, I have had a few successes with my clients with cravings, they are always amazed how fast it works.

  • Took a tapping course a number of years ago but had forgotten about it. There are 3 areas I’d like to address. 1) Procrastination; 2) sweet cravings; 3) motivation to exercise consistently. There’s actually a fourth related to painful osteoarthritis. How do you decide on which first? when to move to the next one? can they be done together?

    Your presentation is very pleasant to watch. I look forward to “seeing” you again. Many thanks.

    • Pat, with EFT, its best to focus on one thing at a time.. The topics you are working with are broad.. With each topic there are also “aspects” sub-topics if you will… Start with cravings first.. I always tell people if they did nothing but tap every time they have a food craving, they will lose weight. Once you have cravings under control, I would move to exercise. :-)

  • Chocolate covered peanut butter bars!

  • Hi, my problem is salt – need to lower my weight, too – to lower my blood pressure. Medications make me ill so I have to find a natural way to do this. I plan to use EFT to help myself. Thanks for the video and the incouragement.

  • I understand Yunus, thanks for your feedback. You can download the script at the bottom of the video and change the words to match anything you crave. For overall sugar cravings I like to use the phrase: (even though I have the need to be sweet to myself with sweets…) We tend to reward ourselves with sweets when we need "sweetness" in our lives… Try and it and give me your feedback :-)

  • I absolutely agree.. Ive actually researched this- and what I found was that people gain weight when they age because of inactivity. Women burn aprox 100-200 calories less because of muscle loss- hardly a reason to pack on the pounds.. But we start to use "age" as an excuse and tell ourselves a story about how hard it is, when in fact, its not. You can increase your metabolic burn rate with exercise. 20 mins of heart pumping activity daily is all you need! :-)

  • Brittany, I have had less success addressing cravings of "healthy foods", such as nuts. It seems like my body knows they are good for me so the cravings don't drop the way they do with junk food. Although they are good for us, portion control can be difficult and I would love to get past the cravings in general. Have you had this same experience? Do you have any suggestions?

  • Thanks for the kind words, Brittany. I will turn "Fabulous 55" in 2 days and plan to start tapping on the lie that its harder to lose weight, and stay healthy, as we age. We hear that so often and it impacts us at a cellular level.

  • Hi Brittany – Lovely to watch you tapping. I am an EFT practitioner and am curious to know how you would adapt this programme to a smoking addiction. With cigarettes, people usually want to give them up altogether, unlike foods, so I would be interested in your comments when you get a moment. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Jen, severine asked me about this as well… check out my response to her.. I would certainly treat cigarettes as a craving.. There is something that the cigarette is “doing” for them.. Maybe it relaxes them, serves as a distraction, offers some level of control.. You’ll need to find out what it does for them and have them tap on their desire for that positive feeling.. My article on emotional eating might be useful.. The question to ask them is “what is it about the cigarette…”?

      Hope this helps, keep me posted!

  • It would be nice if u didn't mention chocolate specifically, dancing around trying to substitute another word with a sweet tooth craving sugar in different forms makes the video less participatory.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Maureen! Holding onto carbs is totally a belief, and a great one to tap on.. If you look at people from other countries (italy for example) they eat TONS of carbs and most remain slim. Many people have a belief that carbs will make them fat so they deprive themselves, which then leads to binging/overeating later. Viscous cycle.

    Again, thanks for sharing!

    BTW- I love that you are teaching EFT to kids! Isn't it amazing how receptive they are to it? We need more people like you in the world. :-)

  • I’m not new to tapping, but this may have been the first time I really brought up the memory of eating chocolate donuts with my family after church on Sundays as a little girl. I like your upbeat style–looking forward to the next video!

    • Thanks Donna! The memory part of the technique is SUPER important.. Glad it helped :-)

  • I have Cancer, I need to stop eating bad things like sugar or chocolate etc…. how can I do?? I need your help!

    • I am so sorry to hear about your condition, Maria. Here is my suggestion. Start at the very beginning with Brittany and Skinny Genes. Work the program step by step. You will clear successive layers of emotional problems, like peeling an onion. You might well be surprised as your body responds to the shifts in your emotions! Please tell us about your progress. Dawson

  • I used the combo approach. I addressed specific cravings (Heath bars first), limiting beliefs ("Even though I have to eat when I'm bored…"), memories tied to foods, childhood traumas (many), and stress in general. I have currently been tapping on the belief that my body believes the lie that it must hold on to carbs.

    I used this lie technique to rid myself of my need for Rx & OTC allergy meds for the past 3 years! Pretty amazing considering that MDs insist we have had 2 years of severe allergy seasons.

    As a school counselor, I teach "tapping" to my students to improve performance of all kinds, reduce test/subject anxiety, manage anger, address "negative feelings" from being bullied, reduce addictions, etc. If you are interested in using EFT with students, check out my free YouTube series: "Tap into Learning w/Mrs. King". "Tap Into Health" addressed allergies. FYI: I am not selling any products or services. I love that you are sharing your videos for free. It is such a service to others! I can't wait for your coming videos. <3 Maureen King: EFT Cert 1 Practitioner (though Gary Craig)

  • I found your work and presentation professional and helpful. It was easy to follow and gave insightful information. I’ve been using EFT professionally for 10 years and your slant on chocolate craving/addition was of great value especially the suggestion to look at the happiness associated with chocolate. The other tip that was very good was looking at the first time I ate the food I was craving. Thank you for these gifts. I wish you success in your series.

    • Thank you barbara! Words of praise mean a lot coming from a seasoned vet! I appreciate it.

  • Hi Brittany!

    I used to suffer from deperssion, anxiety and chronic fatigue (among other things). I was on a lot of medication for years. No one seemed to be able to help and the drugs just made it worse.

    About 10 years ago, I was refered to a doctor who did BEAM therapy and one of the tools she used was EFT. Within 6 mos I was off all meds and have not had a major depressive episode since. It was not just the tapping but the tapping was a big part of leaning to cope with symptoms and finally getting my life back.

    I think what you’re doing to help people deal with cravings and get their health back is wonderul.

    Can’t wait to see the next video :)

    Oh and btw, I now use that same BEAM theratpy to help other people and animals and teach people how to tap out their anxieties, fears, old issues in thier lives that are holding them back.

    If you click beside my name where it says KoKoPelli Healing Arts, you will find out more about me and what I do.



  • I watched you video while munching on toast and honey (all Organic). My cravings are for chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc. Its definitely emotional eating. Feel really calm right now and no desire for chocolate but I have been here several times with eft before until the next big stress comes along and then I am back to square one. How do I stop this from happening? I have even gone several months without it and it tasted like there was no sugar in it,but if I get really stressed I can over ride this and the taste will come back as well as the craving. I would love to break this cycle and go back to being skinny again!

  • Hi sonal, Im sorry to hear that you cannot see the video.. Ill have tech support look into this for you.

  • Congratulations Maureen, thats a huge accomplishment. Thank you for your words of praise. How specifically did you use EFT to lose weight? Did you work on Cravings? Limiting beliefs? Emotional eating?

  • Hi Tess! Tell me more!! ;-) What did you tap on?

  • Yay! Thanks therese! I appreciate it! tell us about your experience….

  • Great Heather! So glad to hear! What did you "tap" on? Tell us what food it was… :-)

  • I’ve been tapping for years but haven’t been able to kick the cravings. I just threw out the coupon for M&Ms for $1.88. Hopefully it’ll help.

  • I have been trying to do tapping for a long time now, but had this fear that it would not work. Thank you Brittany for this video, my fear is gone and now I can start tapping away on everything instead of just sitting around fearing that it will not work. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next video.

  • I enjoyed your video, Brittany. I have used EFT to lose 40 pounds and address multiple other issues. Thanks for making this free video available to others. I'll pass it on for you. :)

  • Always had cravings for sweet stuff with meringues as the top-treat. Even though I have been nibbling at a meringue while tapping, after the session I have not eaten what was left en did not want any substitute sweets either. Wait till I tell my friends! Brilliant :-))

    • Nibbling is fine.. Nibbling is GREAT in fact.. You’ll learn more with the “Naturally Slim Eating Plan” in week 2 of the program :-)

  • Chocolate was the perfect example of cravings for me. I actually gave it up on January 1, 2012 because I have been so out of control with eating it over the years. I used a combo today with chocolate and peanut butter- tapping along with you I went from 7 to 0. WIll try it again when the next craving comes up! Thanks :-)

    • Yep! Good ‘Ol Chocolate and peanut butter combo.. :-) Did you have a good memory of eating chocolate?

  • Worked for me! :-)

  • EFT זו דרך מהימה לטפל בהתמכרויות שונות. יש ל נסיון עם זה.

  • encouraging every one to try the tapping.

  • The website where this video is hosted, is currently banned in India. We can't watch the video here. I tried to contact Will at the support email address,, but that email bounced with permanent delivery failure error.

  • Been tapping for years and this really worked :)

  • Hello, do you think this same technique could be applied to other cravings such as nicotine? Thank you

    • Absolutely Severine.. Thanks for asking.. Just remember there will always be “aspects of a craving” different things you like about it after each round of tapping.. Just notice what it is about the cigarette that you are attracted to… and tap away..

      Try it and keep us posted! :-)

  • Excellent explanation, i tweet this good video.

  • Thank you for sharing your tapping method and the affirmation I can do this. I’ve been practicing EFT for a year on various challenges and find amazingly this does work! Not perfect yet – which is okay because I love and accept myself for who I am, I’ve reduced or eliminated many anxieties, fears and have given my body permission to forgiven and let all the anger and resentment go to free it of fibero pains, stiffness, and to release unhealthy fat. I’ve lost 35 pounds and have 15 to go!!!

  • I’m very excited about your Skinny Genes program! I’ve been tapping for a little under a year now and weight is definitely my biggest issue as it has haunted me my entire life. Even though I’m a huge believer in EFT, I’m frustrated that it hasn’t helped me completely in this area. I feel as though I’m “stuck” and can’t get past my food addiction. Like you, I workout extremely hard to support my calorie intake. I know I will never get to where I want to be if I continue to let food and my cravings run my life. I’m very much looking forward to your program. I know EFT works, I just need some help figuring out exactly what to tap on!


    Gina Boysen

    • Gina, if you are an over exerciser (like I was) you will definitely love the program.. Check out my response to Rusty. Dont burn yourself out! That has been a HUGE lesson for me!

      • We are working on it! Thank you for your patience!

  • Brittany – I love the simple way you use EFT Tapping to solve food cravings. I was craving donuts this morning, and viola’ no desire fro sweet breads. Fantastic…

    Thank you…ad

    • I dont like sweetbreads either… yuck! ;-)

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