Skinny Genes
with Dawson Church
Skinny Genes is the pleasurable eating program that allows you to eat all the foods you love without the guilt and still lose weight
Dawson Church, Founder of EFT
Eat the foods you love...without the guilt or the weight gain.
End the tug-of-war of self-sabotage... that STOPS you from succeeding with your weight.
Allow food to be fun, pleasurable, and delightful...
"I still can't believe the scale. 54 lb less of me than there used to be. Sometimes I weigh myself twice just to see the number! The tapping scripts you give out were magic for me. The chocolate script, the red wine script, even though I've done EFT for years they still gave me leverage over my cravings. I really went along with you and cemented these skills in my life. Now it shows in my body. THANK YOU!"
- Cass Trudeau
"You've taught me the exercises to do before I eat, and Bingo! that was the missing piece for me. Now I surprise myself at most meals when I see how much food I leave on the plate. I'm getting way healthy and actually am attracted to healthy foods more than the junk I used to crave. I can't say it's all been smooth sailing but I lost 21 lb on the program and another 33 since then."
- Jessica Ortega-Nunez

My Real Life Story
No, that's not an alien coming out of my chest! It's the head of a friend. We're both fitting into the jacket that I wore a year earlier. Two bodies in a garment that once accommodated just one. Let me explain.

I've struggled with weight since my teenage years. By the time I was in college, I was about 50 lb overweight, and each year brought an additional few pounds. By the time I got serious about weight loss, I weighed twice what I had weighed in high school. I do a lot of public speaking, and my round body told my audiences that I had a weight problem before I opened my mouth.

I tried many different approaches to weight loss. Weight Watchers, THE ZONE DIET, Circuit Training, Jenny Craig, Slow Weight Training, and THE ATKINS DIET were among them. I would often lose a few pounds, but like most dieters, I found the weight soon returned.

I decided first that I would learn to stabilize my weight, because unless you can maintain, losing is pointless. So even though I was much heavier than I wanted to be, I discovered practices that allowed me to maintain a consistent weight for several years. Then, it was time to lose.

I blackmailed myself into it. Here's how I did that.

For several years in a row, I gave a keynote speech at one particular Energy Psychology conference. I asked the conference presenter if she would allow me to teach a one day weight loss workshop the following year. She gave me a funny look, since my rotund body proclaimed I was the person least likely to have any useful advice on the subject. But she said yes.
Now I knew I had a year ahead of me to accomplish this. I focused intently on weight loss using EFT and the other tools in the Skinny Genes toolkit. In six months, I lost about 40 lb. For the following six months, I maintained at exactly that same weight, give or take a pound or two.

This photo is of me teaching that workshop a year later. I brought the same jacket in which I delivered my speech the year before, but now two people could wrap it around themselves!
That was three years ago, and I have successfully maintained my weight ever since. That weight loss class formed the core of what we teach in Skinny Genes. It works, even for people like me, who failed with other methods. If it worked for me, it can work for you. So please believe in yourself, and join me in the Skinny Genes adventure!

Dawson Church

"The 6 week program was one of the biggest gifts I've ever given myself. I only lost 12 lb during the program, but I've been losing about two pounds a week ever since, without any effort and to be absolutely frank (I need to tap on this!) little exercise. I started out at (gulp) 213 and I'm down to 145."
- Jimmy StJames

"After being in therapy for years about weight loss and other problems, I made more progress in the first week of tapping than all those hours in the therapists office. I started off at a 10 out of 10 for anxiety about even starting a new program, but it went away fast as I tapped along with you on the audios and videos. The buddy I found through Skinny Genes has stayed in touch with me and we're on a race to find out who will fit into a Size 2 dress first. When we began we were both wearing Size 14."
- Trish Jacobsen

"I felt like Thomas Edison with diets. When someone asked Thomas Edison if he was upset because over 900 times the light bulb he was trying to invent didn't work, he answered, "No, because I found the one way that it does work!" I feel like I have tried 900+ ways to lose weight. I am a champion at losing weight. I have been an abject failure at maintaining the weight loss. Brittany's program was that one more way and I am growing more confident that like Edison, I've found a way that will work. During the 6 weeks, I lost 15 lbs and did not feel deprived. Now 33 lbs are gone."
- Sue Quarles
The Skinny Genes Course
Six Modules; Powerful, step-by-step lessons, demonstrations in audio, video, and written format delivered straight to your inbox and offering new concepts, methodologies, and ways of thinking with regard to food and your life overall. You'll also receive each week's lesson in downloadable PDF format to print and keep for a lifetime.
Week 1:  Cravings
Kick all your cravings to the curb. You'll learn to shift your brain chemistry so you can look at ANY food and take it or leave it. You will also learn a secret trick to handle cravings discreetly in group situations.
Week 2:  Naturally Thin Eating
Learn the secrets of naturally slim people and how to program your mind for automatic new behaviors. You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight ... as long as you follow a few simple rules.
Week 3:  Self Sabotage
Put an end to your inner tug-of-war. Discover the limiting beliefs about your family, friends, and other significant people that can keep you stuck.
Week 4:  End Emotional Eating
Learn how to neutralize stress immediately and stop a binge in its tracks! You will make peace with your inner saboteur and learn a daily routine that will re-program your mind to neutralize stress immediately.
Week 5:  Exercise
Supercharge your motivation to exercise. Believe it or not, you will even learn to enjoy it. Your brain is wired for pleasure and you will learn to associate exercise with the pleasure of feeling good and looking good.
Week 6:  Body Image
Get your sexy back with three simple steps. You will learn the key to improving your relationships with others and yourself, and increase your happiness and success by clearing your brain's hard drive of negative thoughts about your body.
TOTAL VALUE ... $773
Your Price $197
Each Module Contains
  1. Your Weekly Multi-media Lesson
  2. Daily Action StepsIf you want your life to be different, you must start taking different actions. Each day, you'll have action steps designed to produce big results.
  3. The Skinny Genes Support LetterEach week you can expect a support letter to help you maximize the benefits of the 6 week Skinny Genes program.
  4. BONUS Tapping Scripts: Each week you'll have access to new tapping scripts for specific foods like chocolate, deserts, wine, and much more.
  5. Your Weekly Action Plan
  6. EFTUniverse Forum Weight Loss discussion group: Share your experiences and get support from others who are also using the program to lose weight.
"I really loved Brittany and Dawson's dedication to us, and their obvious passion for seeing us lose weight on the program. When I watched Dawson's first video on Top Dog, Underdog, I burst into tears, recognizing how horribly I've treated myself. His message of self-love helped me deal with the self-sabotaging voices in my head that stopped me being successful before."
- Linda Smothers

"I have a constant battle to stay away from sugar, and since I have diabetes I can't afford to eat it anyway. I used to fight within myself but thanks to Skinny Genes all that anxiety has gone away, and I am neutral around the very things I used to crave most. Thank you Brittany and Dawson for giving Skinny Genes to the world."
- Tiffany Keyes

"After I had my second child, I couldn't lose the weight and by the time he was 10 years old I still looked pregnant! When I got to week three of the program I realized that what I was carrying wasn't fat so much as a baby-sized ball of resentments and hurts that went all the way back to the way my Dad treated me. As I tapped (and cried) through memory after traumatic memory, the weight just started to fall off. It wasn't fat, it was hurt, and as I shed each layer, the weight just peeled off."
- Anna Jones
Plus you get these bonuses:
  1. Archive Recordings of Skinny Genes Coaching and Q&A calls
  2. The EFT Mini-ManualAn introduction to EFT/Tapping - value... $15
  3. Six Weekly Case Study InterviewsStick with the Top Losers - value... $47
  4. Skinny Genes Guest Faculty InterviewsOne each week of the course, with top experts in EFT, health, and weight loss - Dawson Church, Jessica Ortner, Ellen Steele, Norm Shealy, Peta Stapleton, and Joe Mercola! - value... $127
  5. Extra Tapping Videos and Scripts for issues with sugar and sweets, red wine, salty foods - value... $47
A Total Value Program of more than $733
The Science Behind EFT for Weight Loss
There have been three scientific studies of EFT tapping, the method used in Skinny Genes, for weight loss. In a Randomized Controlled Trial (the Gold Standard of scientific research), participants who learned EFT lost 11 lb in the year following the completion of their program. No While most dieters regain all the weight they lose on a diet, this study showed that you don't just lose the weight and keep it off, you can actually continue losing weight even after the program is over. A second Randomized Controlled Trial confirmed these results. A study of 72 Skinny Genes graduates found similar results. Participants lost an average of 12 lb during the six weeks of the program, and a further 3 lb in the subsequent six months. No The data showed that participants increased their degree of restraint, and that food had less power over them. All three studies showed what dozens of other EFT studies demonstrate: a large drop in anxiety and depression symptoms.
Yes, I am ready to Gut my Guilt, Kick my Cravings, Beat the Binge, and Enroll in the Skinny Genes Course Today!

Invest in yourself and your health today!

TOTAL VALUE ... $773
Your Price $197
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You have a full 14-day no-questions-asked guarantee. If you don't have a breakthrough with your eating; if you don't have a transformation with your weight; if you don't change the way you experience your body...then we will refund your investment 100%. Just simply email us, no questions asked.
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1. Stapleton, P., Sheldon, T., & Porter, B. (2012). Clinical benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques on food cravings at 12-months follow-up: A randomized controlled trial. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, 4(1), 13-24.
2. Church, D. & Wilde, N. (2013). Emotional eating and weight loss following Skinny Genes, a six week online program. Reported at the annual conference of ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, May. Submitted for publication.
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